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On the Bookshelf: Jesus is ____

Jesus is


judah smith Jesus Is

Judah and Chelsea Smith are the lead pastors of the City Church in Seattle, Washington. Judah is a well-known speaker at conferences and churches around the world. His humorous yet poignant messages demystify the Bible and show people who Jesus is in their everyday life.

Prior to assuming the lead pastorate in 2009, Judah led the youth ministry of The City Church for ten years. He has authored several books and is a popular voice on Twitter (@judahsmith).

Judah and Chelsea have three children: Zion, Eliott, and Grace. Judah is an avid golfer and all-around sports fan. He believes the Seahawks are God’s favorite team and is praying for the Sonics to come back to Seattle. (taken from

Book Review - Judah Smith Jesus Is

Jesus is____. The subject is there, and so is the verb, but what comes next? Your answer could shed light on the path to becoming who you were made to be.

In these pages, Judah Smith fills out that sentence, again and again, each time further revealing the character of Jesus. He writes as if to a friend, illustrating the importance of Christ’s message to modern men and women. This is a book for new believers, for lifelong followers, and for the merely curious.

Judah Smith shows us the Jesus that somber paintings and hymns fail to capture. With passion, humor, and conviction, he shows that Jesus is life. Jesus is grace. Jesus is your friend. Jesus is a new and better way to be human. (taken from

MY REVIEW – Jesus Is ____

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Judah Smith’s new book. I did know that I would like it because I have enjoyed a lot of his preaching.

The first time I ever heard Judah was when I was at the tender age of 16 while attending winter camp. I thought he was “uh-mazing”, with his mad preaching skills and his killer singing voice! I remember praying after service was over and telling God I would be VERY okay with Him bringing me a Godly husband like Judah Smith. Preaching and singing skills included, please haha! Yeah, I know that had nothing to do with the book, but it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want.

Time to get back on track.

There are two things that I enjoyed about this book; the central simplistic focus on Jesus Christ and Smith’s brutal honesty and realism. Jesus Is ____. is a book that brings back our attention to what our faith is all about; Christ and Christ alone.

Sometimes, we can get so caught up with other stuff, even good Christian stuff, that we forget what it is all about. Most of the concepts were not new to me, but they did refresh me and remind me of the simplicity of the gospel.

I feel like his chapter on Jesus Is Grace, is exceptionally good. It is needed for all the heretical teaching that has been going around about grace lately. I also loved his focus on the prodigal son story. Believers usually focus on the son and not on the actions of the father.

Some more traditional people may have a hard time with Smith’s writing style. He writes like how he talks which, is blunt and real.

But like I mentioned earlier, this book is pretty simplistic. It’s not like reading Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ. But all in all, I think this is a good read for older believers to be refreshed and reminded. And for young believers, it will be an exceptionally good read.

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