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Hosting Melissa

Information Regarding Hosting:  Melissa Tumino

 If you would like to invite Melissa to speak at your church or event, please contact us by filling out the ministry invitation form. Take care to fill out the form in its entirety in a clear and concise way. Melissa prayerfully considers each invitation. 

After receiving your invitation, we will contact you, clearly communicating with you concerning all practical logistics and needs regarding Melissa’s time with you.

Melissa’s desires to be the greatest blessing to you when she comes. She never wants to be a burden on her hosts, and often says she wants to be the easiest guest you’ve ever had before. Yet there are a few requests that her leaders have requested in order to help make her time with you the simplest for her.

Remember that these are requests and if you cannot meet one it does not determine whether Melissa will come to minister.



Melissa requests that if possible, her travel expenses be covered or reimbursed. If Melissa is flying in, her requests that she be picked up and dropped off at the airport and driven back and forth to all ministry events. If she is driving in, she requests that fuel expenses be reimbursed if possible.


Melissa doesn’t have to stay in a hotel (though it is ideal), but does request a private bedroom when she visits so when she needs to rest and spend time with the Lord, she can. This helps her stay refreshed during her time with you.


Due to health related issues, Melissa requests gluten-free meals if possible. This means she cannot eat anything wheat based including, but not limited to: breads, pastas (rice pastas are fine), cakes, cookies and pastries, amongst other things. She occasionally has “cheat days” but tries to minimize them as much as possible. She also tries to stay away from sugar for health reasons. Melissa loves most meats, veggies, and fruits. She is overall not a picky eater. 

Offerings and Honorariums

Melissa does not have a set standard charge for speaking engagements, nor does she choose which speaking engagements he will take based on how much money she will receive or even whether she will receive any financial blessing for his time at all. Melissa chooses the ministry engagements she takes solely on following the voice of Holy Spirit. If a love offering is received on her or the ministries behalf, please ensure the entire amount received is given to her. 

Ministry & Travel Partner

On occasion, Melissa loves having a ministry friend or team member come along with her to help her minister. We request that if she brings a friend to help minister that their housing be provided for or the expense is covered for their stay. They will pay their own travel expenses to accompany Melissa.