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Prayer and Intercession

Welcome to my prayer and intercession page!

As Christian’s prayer is vital…

  • Prayer builds and strengthens our relationship with God.
  • Prayer changes transforms us by being in God’s presence.
  • Prayer releases God’s anointing on our life.
  • Prayer draws us closer to the Lord so we can hear His voice.
  • Prayer changes those who we pray for.
  • Prayer alters situations, and circumstances that are humanly impossible. It brings forth miracles.
  • Pray weakens and destroys the plans of the enemy.

Those seven things I listed are an incredible reason why we should pray more…but they are only a lick of the ice cream. Their is so much more God doesn in us and through us when we pray. It powerful…or more correctly stated it’s SUPERNATURAL.

The post I have written below are all dedicated to this topic of prayer and intercession. I hope they stir a fire deep within your heart to pray and seek the Lord.

Prayer should not be regarded as a duty which must be performed, but rather as a privilege to be enjoyed, a rare delight that is always revealing some new beauty.

E.M Bounds

Prayer and Intercession Articles

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