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Topical Bible Verses

Welcome to my resource page of topical Bible verses! Here you will find a wide selection of Bible verses on different topics. I will constantly update this page so make sure to bookmark and visit often.

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To make things easy for you to navigate around this page I have created this table of content for you to use to click on certain subjects. You can always just scroll through the page if you prefer. It’s a great way to see all the different Bible topics.

I do want to note that most of these Bible verses will be from the NKJV. If you hover over the Bible reference you will be able to read the AMP version. You are more than welcome to check out other translations. You can do that by visiting Bible Gateway.

Ways to use Topical Bible Verses

Bible Study by Topics

There are numerous ways you can use topical Bible verses! Some are very common and well known and some will inspire you to think outside the box. You can read the list below or watch this video!

10 Ways To Use Topical Bible Verses

  1. For Bible Study
  2. Fo preparing a sermon or teaching
  3. For prayer
  4. For memorization
  5. For Biblical meditation
  6. To share or encourage others with
  7. For Bible journaling or regular journaling
  8. To write out on your desk, mirror, or fridge as a reminder
  9. For home decor or art
  10. For an event (wedding, birthdays, etc…)

Bible Verses For Topical Study

Bible Verses For Events & Occasions

Bible Study Tools To Help With Topical Studies

Just having a list of Bible verses is not enough for you to figure out what the scripture says on a topic. It’s important to look at the Hebrew or Greek to have a deeper understanding. It’s also good to dig into some commentaries and Bible dictionaries.

Below I will share with you some free tools and some that you can buy so you can study without the need for a computer or wifi. If you are looking for Bible software please check out my post on different Bible Study Software for both PC & MAC


Strong’s Concordance with Hebrew and Greek Lexicon

Torrey’s New Topical Textbook

Easton’s Bible Dictionary


Strong Concordance – To look up the Hebrew and Greek

Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary

The Complete Topical Guide to the Bible 

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Topical Bible Verses for Studying