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Plagues & Promises: An Outline of Exodus + FREE PDF

Ready to time-travel back to ancient Egypt? Buckle up because we are gonna dive into an overview and outline of Exodus.

Exodus is action-packed and full of amazing miracles that show-offs God’s power and authority. But there is even more to Exodus than that. This post will help you grasp the book of Exodus and make it easier for you to study.

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Outline of Exodus

You can read the Book of Exodus visit here: Exodus 1-40

I. The Exodus From Egypt (1:1-15:21)

A. Israel Multiplies in Egypt (1:1-7)

  • Israel grows in number within Egypt.

B. The People Suffer in Egypt (1:8-22)

  1. The People are Enslaved (1:8-14)
    • The Israelites become slaves under harsh conditions.
  2. Pharaoh Orders Male Children Killed (1:15-22)
    • Pharaoh commands the killing of male Israelite children.

C. The Call of Moses (2:1-4:31)

story exodus Pharaoh daughter with Moses
  1. Moses is Born (2:1-10)
    • Moses is born under challenging circumstances.
  2. Moses Flees from Egypt (2:11-25)
    • Moses escapes Egypt after a conflict.
  3. God Speaks to Moses (3:1-12)
    • God communicates with Moses through a burning bush.
  4. God Gives Signs to Moses (3:13-4:9)
    • God provides signs to convince Moses of his mission.
  5. God Sends Moses to Egypt (4:10-31)
    • Moses is sent by God to free the Israelites.

D. Pharaoh Refuses to Let the Israelites Go (5:1-7:13)

  1. Pharaoh Refuses to Listen to Moses (5:1-6:13)
    • Pharaoh ignores Moses’ request to release the Israelites.
  2. The Genealogy of Israel (6:14-30)
    • The family tree of Israel is outlined.
  3. Moses and Aaron Perform Signs (7:1-13)
    • Moses and Aaron demonstrate God’s power through signs.

E. God Pours Out Judgment on Egypt (7:14-11:10)

Moses river turns water to blood
  • Various plagues afflict Egypt as a result of Pharaoh’s refusal.

F. The LORD’S Passover (12:1-32)

  • The institution of the Passover as a crucial event for Israel.

G. God Delivers the People From Egypt (12:33-51)

  • God leads the Israelites out of Egypt.

H. God Claims the Firstborn of Israel (13:1-16)

  • God establishes a special claim on the firstborn of Israel.

I. Moses Parts the Red Sea (13:17-14:31)

  • Moses miraculously opens a path through the Red Sea.

J. The People Sing to God (15:1-21)

  • The Israelites express gratitude and worship after their deliverance.

II. The People are Tested in the Wilderness (15:22-18:27)

Quail in the book of exodus

A. The Waters of Marah (15:22-27)

  • The challenge of bitter water is faced by the Israelites.

B. The Manna and Quail (16:1-36)

  • God provides food, manna and quail, for the people.

C. The Waters of Meribah (17:1-7)

  • The people face another trial regarding water.

D. The People Defeat the Amalekites (17:8-16)

  • The Israelites triumph over their enemies with God’s help.

E. Moses Appoints Leaders Over the People (18:1-27)

  • Moses appoints leaders to assist in governing the people.

III. The Covenant at Sinai (19:1-24:18)

Moses and the ten commandments

A. The People Prepare for the Covenant (19:1-25)

  • The Israelites prepare for their covenant with God.

B. God Proclaims His Covenant (20:1-23:33)

  • God delivers the Ten Commandments and various laws.

C. Israel Affirms the Covenant (24:1-18)

  • The people express their commitment to the covenant.

IV. The Worship of the LORD (25:1-40:38)

A. God Instructs the People Regarding Worship (25:1-31:18)

  • Detailed instructions for the construction of the tabernacle and priestly duties.

B. The People Commit Idolatry (32:1-34:35)

  • Israel engages in idolatry, prompting consequences and eventual renewal of the covenant.

C. The People Build the Tabernacle (35:1-40:38)

  • The meticulous construction of the tabernacle according to God’s instructions.

Free PDF Outline of The Book of Exodus

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