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How to Play the Epic Cereal Box Game [with Video]

Learn how to play the cereal box game for your next party, event or meeting.

The cereal box game

Sometimes the most fun you can have can come from something that only costs you a couple of dollars! I’ve thrown my fair share of parties, events, and meetings. And I have played all kinds of games, team building activities, and ice breakers.

But the cereal box game takes the cake on. It can be played with a small group or large group. And the great thing is that if some people don’t want to play they will be super entertained just watching.

This game is suitable for kids to adults…The only real criteria is being flexible.

So, let’s get down to the rules and how to play!


Rules and Steps to Playing the Cereal Box Game

Cereal Boxes

Materials You Will Need

1 Empty Cereal Box (use up the cereal to make a yummy snack for your party.)

A Good Pair of Scissors

Fun yet Slightly Competitive Group of Friends and Family Members

How To Play

  • Cut off the top tabs of the cereal box
  • Place the cereal box upright on the floor in the center of the room
  • Have each person take a turn trying to pick up the cereal box up with ONLY their lips.
  • After each person has gone it that is a round.
  • Once a round is completed cut the cereal box down to make it shorter.
  • Repeat till there is a winner or the cereal box can’t be cut any shorter.

*Please look at rules on how people get out of the game.


  1. You can NOT use your hands or any other body part to stabilize you as you try to reach the cereal box.
  2. You must only use your lips to pick up the cereal box
  3. If you break rules 1 and/or 2 you are out of the game.
  4. The last person remaining is the WINNER

A Video of playing The Cereal Box Game

We had such a blast playing that my cousin and I created this funny yet epic video of our gameplay. It was amazing to see how each friend used different technics to try to reach the cereal box.

Well, that’s it! It’s that simple! Give it a try at your next gathering. You will have a blast!

Please drop me a comment below and share your thoughts. And If you do try it out this game please let me know how it went.

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