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10 of the Best Christian Leadership Books

An inspirational collection of the top Christian Leadership books to help you grow and develop your leadership skills.

If you have been on Think About Such Things before you probably know I am a BIG fan of books. And one of my favorite topics to read on is leadership.

I had a friend recently get into a leadership position. Long story short there was a big mess that needed to get cleaned up with some of their leaders under them. Not having a ton of experience this person called me up and one of the first things they said was….

“I know you read a lot of leadership books, maybe you can help me.”

10 Top Christian Leadership Books

I laughed and said, if you are serious about leading then you better start reading them too! Leadership books have been a huge help in my development as a leader and minister. And I know they have for others as well.

So, I hope these books will do the same for you! I do want to make it clear that these are all Christian leadership books. These are not secular so these will be geared towards Biblical concepts of leading.

BUT 2 of them are not technically leadership geared books. This would be Rooted by Banning Liescher and The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

Even though they don’t focus on the topic of leadership they both have content that I believe is vital in your growth as a Christian leader. They are winners!

“A true shepherd leads the way. He does not merely point the way.” – Leonard Ravenhill (More Christian Leadership Quotes)

Top 10 Christian Leadership Books

Below you will find a short snippet of what the book is about. This will give you an idea if this should be your next leadership read. I have read the majority of these books, just a few I haven't but have been recommended to me by good friends. They are on my to-read list!

I hope you have found a new Christian leadership book to read for yourself or team. If you are interested in growing as a Christian leader please check out my Christian Leadership Page.

Please drop me a comment below! I would love to hear what God is teaching and showing you about leadership!

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