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12 Creative Bible Reading Plans

Start digging into God’s word with these Bible reading plans. Most of these are printable Bible reading plans! May they help you go deeper in God.

Check out these great Bible reading plans from amazing Christian bloggers on the web. These daily Bible reading plans for women are a great way to dig deeper into the Word. They are simple Bible plans and all of them come with printables!

A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.

– Charles Spurgeon

I have read the Bible front to back, and from the New Testament to the Old Testament. But sometimes it’s really fun to do a Bible reading plan.

I did some digging around and found some awesome and creative reading plans for you. These 12 plans are a great way to learn on a specific topic or actual book of the Bible. For more Bible Study topics: Biblical Topics

Below you can see the list of plans and can click one to read more about it. Or you can just keep scrolling and see what all of them are about!

4 Reasons To Use A Bible Reading Plan

If you have come to this post you probably don’t need a reason to use a Bible reading plan. But I want to touch on a couple of key things that make reading plans a great tool for our spiritual growth.

simple bible reading plan

12 Printable Bible Reading Plans

All these Bible plans come with a free downloadable printable. Making it super easy to print out and stick in your Bible or planner. Just click on the title link to access the plan’s post!

The God of Miracles Bible Reading Plan

Remind yourself of the God of Miracles with this 30-day study through Mark. This is a great plan to learn how Jesus healed and performed miracles.

Spiritual Warfare Bible Reading Plan

“Did you know that you have a spiritual enemy who seeks to lead you away from God? This might be a scary thought, but you have a God who rescues and protects you. This battle, although not visible, is real. Learn more about it with this 30 Day Spiritual Warfare Bible Reading Plan…”

John in 30 Days Bible Reading Plan 

Julie from Loving Christ gives you an amazing Bible plan and Bible study, which you can download for each day. Just follow her instructions on her post.

Trusting God’s Timing Bible Reading Plan

Let’s be real…our timing isn’t always God’s timing. Find peace in His word while you are waiting with this Bible plan.

Calm Anxiety Bible Plan

“Do you struggle with stress, anxiety, or panic? Use this 30 Day Bible Reading Plan to Calm Anxiety you experience in your life…”

Acts in 30 Days Bible Reading Plan 

Julie offers both a John and Acts reading plan and study. You will learn how to apply what the book of Acts says for your daily walk with God.

Embracing Grace Bible Reading Plan

“Understanding God’s grace is crucial to our walks with the Lord. For it is through the hearing and accepting that we have been saved by the grace of God through His Son, Jesus Christ that we receive salvation. However, the importance of God’s grace doesn’t just stop there. To live a life full of joy, assurance, peace, and to experience everything that the Lord has in store for us, we must not just understand, but also embrace the grace that has been freely given to us in all aspects of our lives.”

Kristy does a great job in her reading plan to help you understand how awesome grace is!

Knowing My Identity in Christ Bible Plan

“Who are you?

This is a question you may wrestle with throughout your lifetime. Most of us can quickly name off roles, such as “wife, daughter, mom, friend.” But deep down you might struggle with the question of who you are really. Use this 30 Days of Knowing My Identity in Christ Bible Reading Plan to explore who you are and whose you are in Christ Jesus, your Savior.”

Fruit of the Spirit Bible Reading Plan

“Do you want more peace and patience in your life? How about love, joy, and faithfulness? These are fruits of the Spirit as described in the Bible. This month, use this 30 day Fruits of the Spirit Bible reading plan to grow fruits of your faith.”

Passover and Praise Bible Reading Plan

“This particular Bible reading plan is called Hallelujah! Passover and Praise. The plan begins with the first Passover when God freed His people from slavery in Egypt. The next passages mention times in Israel’s history when they were in a season of renewal and revival and celebrated Passover together as a nation.”

Pure Joy Bible Reading Plan

Rachel provides an awesome reading plan that you can download and if you want to venture deeply into your reading plan you can purchase the study that accompanies it.

Armor of God Reading Plan

Christin does an incredible job sharing how to use this reading plan and have it help you learn how to pray over yourself.

I hope these Bible plans bless you as you journey to grow and understand God more. Drop me a comment below and share your thoughts on using a Bible reading plan.

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