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12 Best Christian Apps to Grow Your Faith

In this article, we will look at some of the best Christian apps that believers can use to help grow their relationship with God. So, grab your phone and start downloading…

The modern digital world is full of incredible smartphone, tablet, and computer applications, including apps designed specifically for Christians. These apps can be fantastic tools to help grow your faith, bring you closer to God, and teach you more about the Bible and Biblical concepts.

Several apps for Christians are based on Bible reading, teachings, sermons, meditation, prayer, devotionals, and even music for Christians. These apps are convenient, can be used anywhere, and are a great way to distract yourself from distracting and destructive apps such as social media and games.

If you are looking for good apps for your devices that are geared toward Christians, or if you are looking for a new way to engage as a Christian, these apps can be a great option for you. I know I have really enjoyed some of them.

Best Christian apps

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Let’s explore the best Christian apps that can help grow your faith and turn your devices into a tool for your faith rather than a distraction.

Best Christian Apps for Bible Reading

If you are looking for the best applications for reading the Bible (and some work great for Bible study), here are some of the best available. These apps are great for all devices and are an excellent and convenient way to read the Bible while providing several impressive features to help you read the Word on a deeper level.

Christian Apps for Bible Reading

YouVersion Bible App

The YouVersion Bible app is the most popular Bible application internationally.

This comprehensive Bible app features every major Bible translation, audio versions of most Bibles, the ability to highlight, bookmark, and save scriptures, a comprehensive system for footnotes and additional information, and it even has powerful social features.

This app also incorporates sermons, encouragements, prayers, teachings, devotionals, Bible study guides, and daily interactions.

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Strong’s Concordance

Strong’s Concordance of the Bible is a fantastic tool for anyone who wants to read the Bible on a deeper level.

This is a Bible app that has the full Bible in several translations, but it is a powerful concordance of every Word in the original languages in which the Bible was written, including Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.

Find the deeper meaning behind every Word in the Bible, compare the various meanings of essential words, and gain a better understanding of the Scriptures with this app.

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Read Scripture

Read Scripture was developed by the creators of The Bible Project and helps bring sound theology to anyone who seeks it.

This app is perfect for reading the Bible and is designed to guide you through reading the full Bible from front to back.

The app includes informational videos from the Bible Project that help to explain the Scriptures and bring better clarity and understanding to even the most difficult sections of the Bible.

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Best Christian Apps For Prayer

Christian Apps For Prayer

If you seek a good application to help as a tool for prayer, there are several good options available. Here are some of the best applications for prayer to help you develop a deeper and more meaningful prayer life.


Echo is a simple but effective application for keeping track of your prayers.

Use Echo to write down or record your prayers, organize them into lists, keep track of prayers that have been answered, and use its reminder feature to help you remember to thank God for answered prayers.

Echo is the perfect app if you want to remember the things that you are contending for, remember what other people need prayer for, and to help you recognize the prayers that God answers.

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Prayer Notebook

Prayer Notebook is a great app to keep you on track with your prayers, help you pray for others, and to help you remember to pray every day.

This app can be synchronized with calendars and mailing lists, and even social media if you want it to. This powerful prayer app can be a great way to improve your daily prayer life.

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Prayer Mate

Prayer Mate is designed to help you track other people’s prayer requests. If there are people in your life who need prayer, people who ask you for prayer, or public prayer requests made by others, Prayer Mate will help you remember to pray for them.

There are several reminders and features built into the app to help you pray and features to keep track of prayers prayed, prayers to pray, and answered prayers.

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Best Christian Apps For Bible Devotions

Christian Apps For Bible Devotions

Daily devotions with the Lord are a critical aspect of the Christian life. There are several applications that can help you maintain a daily relationship with the Lord through daily devotions, and these are the best available.

Daily Devotion

Daily Devotion is an app designed for consistency and is made to help you incorporate devotions into your daily morning routine.

This app is a powerful tool to keep you in relationship with the Lord, help build consistency in your life of prayer and intimacy with God, and help you develop a daily rhythm life with the Holy Spirit.

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Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread is the digital version of the Our Daily Bread booklets that so many Christians love.

This app provides daily Scriptures to read along with explanations of the Scriptures, a daily thought for meditation, and is designed to be short and sweet to help start your day right, and is just the right spark to get you praying and reading your Bible every day.

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iDisciple is a powerful application with many interactive features, including messages, music, and social features, but it is also a great application for daily devotions.

There are several daily devotional streams to follow, daily reading plans, and many different types of daily devotional content that can help you develop a daily rhythm of friendship ad relationship with God.

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Best Christian Apps For Meditation

There are thousands of applications for smart devices, but only a few are designed to aid Christian meditation. These apps are the best of the bunch and are specifically made for meditation in the Scriptures and communion with God.

Christian Apps For Meditation


Dwell is a Scripture meditation application that is similar to music streaming platforms.

There are scripture-based meditations, soaking sounds for meditation, audio Bible readings, and several other audio features to help you cultivate the perfect space for meditation with the Holy Spirit.

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Soulspace is the perfect app if you are looking for a way to find time for communion with God throughout your day.

This app creates five-minute meditations to help you dwell on Jesus in your day and to help you break away from the business of life.

Soulspace has meditations based on specific topics such as peace, healing, and even dealing with anxiety.

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Abide is a Christian app designed to relieve anxiety and stress, help you sleep better, deepen relaxation, and focus on Scripture.

All of the meditations on Abide are Scripture-based and made to help you focus on God and move through the intensity of life without stress. These guided meditations are structured between two and fifteen minutes so that you can choose the best option for your meditation requirements. 

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Christian apps can be an excellent way to help you grow your faith, develop a deeper relationship with God, and keep you moving forward in your life with Jesus.

Take the time to explore these apps, and you may find the perfect tool for your daily life that helps grow your faith, keep you on track, and bring you closer to God every day.

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