150 Inspiring Christian Blog Post Ideas [Free Printable]

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Get your creative juices flowing with this huge list of Christian blog post ideas and topics. You can download the printable free!

150 Christian blog post ideas for bloggers and christian blog topics

I have been a Christian blogger off and on for years. The thing is that I never really had a plan and I most certainly did not have an editorial calendar or post ideas I can pull from. This led me to have a very inconsistent blog, which would usually just go down the drain. You can learn more about my past blogging history at 5 Reasons Why I Failed at Blogging.

I knew when I started Think About Such Things, I wanted to do things differently. I wanted to write consistently on topics I was passionate about. Some topics can be easy to brainstorm and get ideas for, but some not so much.

The topic of Christian faith is extremely vast. You can write in so many directions on Christianity. It’s because of that we can sometimes go completely blank on what we can write.

This happened to me all the time, but then I discovered some creative ways to get awesome post ideas.

So, that’s why I created this list of 150 Christian blog post ideas. It’s two whole pages full of content ideas. My hope is that this little printable will help stir up your creativity on all kinds of Christian blog topics and create awesome content for your blog.

Something I recommend doing when brainstorming blog post ideas are to ask the Holy Spirit to highlight what He wants you to write about. As Christian bloggers, it’s really not about just throwing out random content.

We want to offer content that God is breathing on. A word in season is truly powerful and can change others.

To get access to the 150 Christian blog posts idea just fill out the form below. You will also get access to my other free printables! Not to mention you won’t miss any new things that are happening on the blog. Not going to lie…it’s pretty awesome!

But to give you a little taste of what you get here are 20 of the blog post ideas and topics from the printable:

Christian Blog Post Ideas – Sample

1. Bible Study Review

2. Finding your identity in Christ

3. When a spouse/kid is not a believer 

4.  Tips on breaking bad habits

5. How to share your faith with others

6. How to spiritually clean your house

7. How to go from glory to glory 

8. Victories I have walked in

9. Breaking fear issues

10. Your life verse

11. How to deal with pride

12. How to choose a church

13. Favorite Christian podcasts

14  Games for small group or youth

15. Teach a truth from a Psalm that you love

16. How to start a Bible Study

17. What I learned at a retreat

18. How to prepare for a retreat

19. What does it mean to be a servant?

20. How to you study the Bible


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Remember these blog post topics are to encourage your creative juices to start flowing.

For example: “Victories I have walked in…” Start to think about those things…and all of sudden you will have a list of ideas you could write on.

  • How to have breakthrough from the fear of man
  • How to conquer ungodly thoughts
  • How to deal with rejection from those close to you
  • How to break the power of sin over your life

Also, remember to get creative with your title! I love using Coschedule headline analyzer. It’s a good gage to see how your title ranks.

Please drop me a comment below and share with me your journey as a Christian blogger and creating blog post ideas! I would love to see how God is using all of us.

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  1. I’m excited to see all of the blog post ideas! I just pressed “launch” for my blog on Saturday so very new to blogging. This list will certainly come in handy!

    1. That is so great Melissa!! Welcome to the blogging world! I pray your blog grows and blesses many people.

  2. Melissa, this is such a great idea. I love that it’s focused on the Christian blogger because as you said our aim is to point to Christ, not just write randomly. Wish I had this when I started blogging but I have a feeling it’s not too late. 😉

  3. I’ve been blogging 3 years now. It mostly started when my daddy passed away. I needed an outlet. At first my blog was a lifestyle/encouraging blog. It has morphed into a devotion blog and what I’ve learned from the Word.
    I usually find my ideas just from scripture I’ve read that touched my heart and that I can apply to something in my life.

  4. I blogged for 4 years, writing daily posts within some specific categories. Now, I’ve begun Your Home For God, with more of a content plan and purpose to encourage and empower women they’re uniquely and lovingly created by God, that all their life experiences are in His control and to be used by God for their good and His glory. And He wants to grow and change us, so one of my themes is the ways God has made amazing changes in me (like Weightloss, and the things He taught me through losing 50 lbs) and encouraging them that we can all make the change God desires, by God’s grace and power. Thanks for sharing this printable!

    1. Wendy, that sounds amazing! I pray Your Home for God will flourish and bless many lives 😊

  5. Hello!
    I pray you’re all well! I’m new to the blogging world! My goal is to point the world to Jesus by sharing how He has and continues to transform me by His grace and mercy!
    Truth be told I feel like Moses, why would God want me to share His story with me to the world. But I am for it’s worthy to Him to be told. I’m alive today because of Him alone.
    With that being being said, your ideas are greatly appreciated as I pray for His lead.
    My blog is currently under construction. Just started to create it four days ago. My Domain Name is Esthers-intentional-faith.com.
    I’m hoping to launch soon. My limited technological abilities has required professional assistance but I’m certain that He’s making a way because it’s all about Him. Please pray for me as I’ll pray for each of you. I don’t know you by name but that’s perfectly fine sine I know He does.
    God bless you all.
    In His Name,

    1. Esther! Many blessings to you as you learn to blog and pour out what God has given you!!!

  6. Thank you so much for this inspiration! I am brand new to blogging & just kind of jumped in the deep end and now I’m trying to figure things out along the way. I’m so happy I found your site to help me feel more confident in my decision!

    1. Karina, I am so glad that my blog is helpful in your blogging journey! Just remember to keep taking baby steps. There is a lot of stuff in blogging…I still can get overwhelmed by it all. I pray your blog touches many lives! Blessings <3

  7. I’m doing a lot of research on blogging before I launch and this list will definitely come in handy! Super grateful I came across this blog!

  8. So glad I looked for this and found your list. I currently just finished my website and now have to start blogging…then I drew a blank!

  9. I love seeing blog post that leave me feeling satisfied that i don’t have to go out and find and dig more research about a subject. Good stuff thank you!

  10. Maame Esi Inkoom says:

    Thank you Mellissa for the pointers

  11. Thanks for this post. I’ve just started blogging this year and have realized my titles aren’t good haha at all… learning about how to generate more traffic to my blog. This post was helpful to read titles you have used and how to narrow the focus. Thanks!

  12. I’m getting an idea..so excited to see your blog ideas..i’m learning..