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12 Practical French Press Uses & Hacks for Home

Easy and Practical French press uses and hacks so you can use your French press on a whole new awesome level!

Practical French Press Uses & Hacks Use it beyond just coffee, but even for tea and other things

Did you know you can use your French press for more than just delicious warm cup coffee?

It’s pretty genius when you think about it. I want to share some of these French press hacks with you so you can go beyond just a yummy brewed cup of coffee.

By the way, if you are still trying to perfect that cup of Joe then I recommend checking out my How to Brew French Press like a Pro post.

Before we start I do want to share a coffee hack with your French press. Think of it as a bonus!

We all know you can make a traditional cup of French press. But you can use your press to make cold brew coffee!

Because cold water takes a lot longer for coffee to steep it’s a good rule to plan ahead if you want a cold brew. It’s recommended to brew for 12 hours.

Here is a quick recipe:

  • Add 100g of coarsely ground coffee to 700ml of cold water
  • Stir coffee and water. Wait 5 min and stir again.
  • Set the timer for 12 hours or overnight
  • After 12 hours plunge your French press and enjoy your cold brew! Store whatever you have left over in the fridge!

Ok now let us get to the none coffee French press uses and hacks!

French Press Uses and Hacks

Steep Loose Tea
Just like you brew coffee you can use it to brew loose tea! It’s a great way to use loose tea when you have company over.

Perfectly Crisp Hashbrowns
The one thing that can ruin your attempts from making crispy hashbrowns is moisture. Placing raw hashbrowns in your press and pushing down the plunger will help remove excess water, resulting in some awesome spuds for breakfast.

Infused Syrups
Adding simple syrup into your press and then whatever flavors you like (herbs, citrus peels and more). Let them mingle together till the flavor you want is there then press.

Infused Broths
Very similar to infused syrups. Place hot water or broth in press. Then add aromatics, herbs, or spices to it. Let it steep for 10-15min. Drink or add to a larger pot of soup.

Infused Water
Like above, take water and your favorite fruit, veggies or herbs. Let them sit in the press till ready.

Infused Milk
Swap water out and infuse milk! Make sure to simmer the milk so it will help infuse whatever spice you are using. Some spices for milk that are yummy are cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, cardamom pods, vanilla pod, or whole star anise. This will take you latte to the next level of YUM!

Serve or Froth Milk
This French press hack is really useful. When you have guest over for coffee or tea use your French press to serve milk. If you want to take the milk to the next level then you can use the plunger to make the milk frothy.

Almond Milk
That’s right you can make almond milk with a French press. You can find how by visiting: Almond Milk in a French Press

Rinse/soak Grains – Rice and Quinoa
Rinsing grains before cooking is important and now you can do it right in your press. If you are trying to remove phytic acid then just let sit overnight in the French press. Easy peasy!

Fresh Pressed Juice – Soft fruit only
Watermelon juice anyone? You can also use other soft fruits! And I mean it when I say “soft.” Don’t be mad at me if you use an apple and break your french press.

Strain Frozen or Fresh Veggies
Need to squeeze extra liquid from you zucchini noodles or other veggies? Use your French press as you would with hashbrowns and it will be smooth sailing.

Hot Chocolate
Yes, that’s right you can make hot chocolate! Cafe Britt has an amazing video on how to make it. It’s super easy. Check it out below.

There you have it 12 French press uses and hacks! Amazing right? Who would have thought you could do so many things with it.

I hope this gets you thinking outside of the box! Drop me a comment below. I would love to know what you think of these hacks!

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