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8 Super Quick Ice Breakers for Meetings

Enjoy a fun selection of quick ice breakers for meetings. They will help you energize your team.

Ice Breakers for meetings. Quick and Easy with little to no materials needed.

When it comes to meetings you don’t always have a ton of time to warm up your team with a team building activity or a long ice breaker game. I know this first hand with running ministry teams through my church.

There are tons of benefits to having an ice breaker before your meeting starts. It helps energize your team, get their creative juices flowing, and creates a connection between teammates. But most importantly it makes a meeting fun.

I’ve always loved this meme about meetings.

Hold a Meeting Meme - Meetings are fun!

Meetings don’t have to be a drag. There are ways to make them fun and productive.

And this is where these quick ice breakers come into play. The best part is that the majority of these ice breakers are without materials. So, need to buy anything! SCORE!

If you are not in a time crunch then check out these team building activities and ice breakers.

Ice Breakers For Meeting

quick fun ice breakers for meetings

Below you will find instruction for 8 ice breaker games. Many of these ice breakers ask questions which is a great way to deepen relationships with people.

I also refer to those attending your meeting as your team. They can be your co-workers, employees, or even your students. “Team” is just a term I am used to since that’s my background.

First Job

  • Have each person share what their first job was and what they learned from it or if there was something memorable about it.
  • You can either call people out or draw names.

Jenga Q&A

  • IN ADVANCE: Grab a Jenga game and a sharpie pen. Write out fun and random questions on each Jenga block. You can even write multiple questions on a block if you like.
  • Before the meeting have the Jenga tower set up.
  • Then one at a time have each team member pull out a block. Have them read the question out loud and answer it for everyone to hear.
  • Repeat till everyone has answered a question. You can stop there or continue until the Jenga tower collapses.


Name That Throwback

  • In Advance: Create a playlist of songs that were popular during a certain time period (try to think of the age of those who are in the meeting)
  • During the meeting split your group into two (more if your meeting is large)
  • Play a short snippet of a song and see which team can name the song first. Keep going till the playlist is over.
  • The winning team gets a prize.

The End

  • On a whiteboard, blackboard, or large post-it note write out a fragmented sentence or saying about the meeting or an upcoming project.
  • Have everyone write out the sentence/saying and fill in the gaps. Give them a few minuets.
  • Then have each person share what they came up with.

Example of The End fragmented sentence.

“We will ______________ over the next 2 weeks and have ____________ and ____________. It’s going to be ______________. But we can’t forget about the _______________.”

Who Is It?

  • Hand out a small piece of paper to each person
  • Have each person write a random fact about themselves that no one would know.
  • Then place all these random facts in a hat or box.
  • Pick out a random fact and read it out loud. Have your team try to guess who it is.

In The Year

  • IN ADVANCE: Cut up as many pieces of paper as there will be at the meeting. Write a different year on each piece of paper. (make sure you use years that work for your team)
  • Place all those years in a hat or box. At the meeting have everyone pick a piece of paper.
  • Then have each person share a memory from the year they have chosen.

What’s Your Theme Song?

  • At the start of the meeting ask your team… “If you had a theme song for your life what would it be?”
  • Then give everyone a few minutes to think about it. Then have them share.
  • For super fun twist…have, everyone find their song on youtube. Then have them stand up when called and have them play a snippet of the song.

Bucket List

  • Have each person share 3 to 5 things on their bucket list.

I hope these quick icebreakers for work and meetings fit your needs. Drop me a comment below sharing your thoughts or how your meeting went. I would love to hear!

Don’t forget to check out more ice breaker games you can use for your meetings.

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Wednesday 23rd of September 2020

this was really helpful and great to read. Thank you for writing and sharing.