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On My Bookshelf: Rooted: The Hidden Places Where God Develops You


 About the Author & Book

Banning Liebscher is the founder of pastor of Jesus Culture, a ministry of worship, events, and leadership development. In 2014, Banning and the Jesus Culture team planted Jesus Culture Sacramento, church committed to seeing believers encounter God, be empowered as world changers, and engage their city as leaders. Banning is the author of three books, the latest one being, “Rooted: the Hidden Places Where God Develops You”. Banning and his wife SeaJay, have three children.

Rooted: You were born to make an impact in this world and you know it. You feel it deep down in your bones. Apathy is your nemesis and your hunger to change the world keeps you up at night. But no matter how deep this hunger growls, we can only make a meaningful impact if we are rooted in Jesus. And here’s the thing:

God is not interested in developing your vision first.
He is interested in developing you.

In Rooted, Banning Liebscher takes us to the life of David to show how God expands our root system in the hidden places before leading us to where we all desire to go, the visible world. It was in a field of prayerful devotion, a season of serving, and a cave of community that God prepared David for his crown, the same way God prepares us. Take a look at your own life. Are you embracing God’s process, the sometimes painstaking and maddening process? When we can release ourselves to God we will find that we can thrive while He develops us, rather than succumb to discouragement. (From

My Review – Rooted 

I have had the great honor and privilege to have Banning as my youth pastor and overseer in my 2nd and 3rd of School of Ministry, now I have the honor to review his book Rooted. He truly is walking example of his book. Rooted really ministered and encouraged me in the season I am in right now in my growth and ministry. To be honest it really gave me courage. It was such a reminder to me to keep steady, stay on course, and remember what is truly important. It’s not what usually man looks at. I’m going to be real this isn’t a light read, it’s real. It’s about what it truly means to follow Jesus. What it looks like and how it feels.

As for Banning’s writing style it’s is crisp and to the point, but what kicks it out of the park is his revelation of scripture and illustrations. They bring to life Biblical truths in a way you take to heart and apply to your life. He opens with several chapters that bring you into 3 sections; Soil 1: Intimacy, Soil 2: Serving, Soil 3: Community. He makes it clear that we need to cultivate those 3 soils in our life if we want to be rooted and have fruit that will last.

Overall an incredible book that I would recommend to any believer. Thank you for writing it Banning!

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