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100 Things to Thank God For Today {FREE PDF}

In this article, we will discover 100 things to thank God for. This list will help you cultivate a heart of thanksgiving and encourage you to make your own list of things to thank God for.

We live in a world that is full of negativity. It’s easy to get caught up in all the bad things happening and forget about all the good. That’s why it’s important to take a step back and remember all the things we have to be grateful for. But more than just that we as Christians, are called to give thanks in all things (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

This is not always easy, but it is a discipline that yields many rewards. When we take the time to grateful for the good in our lives, we open ourselves up to the blessing and presence of God. What better way to start your day than by thanking God for all He has done? 

Today, we are going to look at a list of 100 things to thank god for. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s a great place to start! And these are general things…you have specific things you can also add to this list.

But before we dig into that list let’s look at why it is important to be grateful to god for the things in our life.

Thanksgiving and God’s Presence

Not that long ago I woke up in the middle of the night. It was around 2:30 am and I was WIDE awake. I lay there for a bit and then decided to spend time with the Lord. Then this idea came to my head to not really pray or make requests, but just to list things I am thankful for to the Lord. Kind of like thanksgiving prayers!

As I started, I was super intentional about the way I was thankful. I didn’t just say…”God, I am thankful for my family….(next thing)…God, I am thankful for my house.” I actually went into detail about specific things that happened that only God could have done and I thanked Him. Here is an example of the house we recently bought…

“Lord thank you that I have a roof over my head and that you provided this house. Thank you that we were able to get this home at such a great price and were able to get a loan. Thank you that you led my brother to find this home online for us and all the doors opened up easily. I know this was Your hand at work in my family’s life. Thank you, for helping us and guiding us here.”

I went on for about an hour thanking God for spiritual things, physical things, and more. By the time I finished, I was beaming and felt the presence of God so strongly. I felt such an overwhelming sense of joy, peace, and contentment in my heart and over my whole body. Reflecting back to recent things that have happened and things that happened 20 years was so beautiful. It just opened my eyes so much to the goodness of God in my life.

100 Things to Thank God

The Bible says, we enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name. And that’s exactly what it felt like. I was entering the gates into God’s presence as my heart was filled with gratitude.

So, as we go through this list of things to thank God I want to encourage you to go deep into each thing and even get specific into your own personal life. Keep in mind that this is a great starting point as to what to thank God for, but I know you can think of more! Connect with Him and I’m telling you…You will be so blessed by it!

Alright, let’s look at 100 things to thank Jesus!

100 Things to Thank God For

list of things to thank god for
  1. For God’s Love
  2. For God’s Ultimate Plan For My Life
  3. Salvation
  4. Answered Prayers
  5. Good Health
  6. God’s Word
  7. The Blood of Jesus
  8. Eternal Life
  9. Peace of Mind
  10. A Roof Over Our Heads
  11. God’s Goodness
  12. God’s Sovereignty
  13. Loving Family and Friends
  14. Freedom: Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, and more
  15. Hope in God
  16. Our Talents and Abilities
  17. That God Will Never Leave Us Nor Forsake Us
  18. The Beauty of Nature
  19. Humor
  20. God’s Blessings On Our Life
  21. Sanctification
  22. God’s Grace
  23. The Joy of the Lord
  24. Laughter
  25. Fellowship with Believers
  26. Forgiveness: The Ability to forgive and be forgiven
  27. One Day I’ll Go To Heaven
  28. Seeing People Overcome adversity
  29. God’s Faithfulness
  30. Family
  31. Good Friends
  32. Food To Eat
  33. Clean Water
  34. Fresh air to breathe
  35. Church Family
  36. Godly Wisdom
  37. Breakthrough
  38. Hearing The Voice Of God
  39. Hugs From Loved Ones
  40. New Beginnings
  41. Restoration
  42. The Gifts of the Spirit
  43. Victory Over Adversity
  44. Days Off
  45. Good Surprises
  46. Provision
  47. His Good Plans He Has For Us
  48. A Job
  49. God’s Healing Touch
  50. A Good Education
  51. Clothes to Wear
  52. A Warm Bed
  53. Transportation (car)
  54. God’s Protection
  55. God’s Mercy
  56. Second Chances
  57. Flowers and Trees
  58. Reconciliation
  59. Rest and Peace
  60. Being Able to Worship God
  61. Open Doors
  62. Good Weather
  63. New Friends
  64. Favor
  65. Angelic Protection
  66. The Ability to Read
  67. We are One in Christ
  68. The baptism of the Holy Spirit
  69. The ability to see, hear, touch and feel 
  70. Good company
  71. Dreams Coming True
  72. God Speaking To Us
  73. My Calling
  74. I Am Known By God
  75. Companionship
  76. God’s Truth
  77. For the Sun
  78. Creativity
  79. For the Moon and Stars
  80. That God is the Great Physician
  81. Our Prayers are Heard
  82. For My Parents
  83. For My Siblings
  84. Godly Leaders
  85. Bathrooms and Clean Hygiene
  86. Music
  87. The Ability to Read
  88. The Ability to Write
  89. The Preaching of the Gospel
  90. Discernment
  91. The Will of God
  92. Bible Prophecy
  93. The Renewing of the Mind
  94. Good Teachers
  95. To Love And Be Loved
  96. Our Treasure in Heaven
  97. God’s Patience
  98. The Ability to Give to Others
  99. The Ability to Serve Others
  100. My Relationship with Jesus

FREE PDF List of 100 Things To Thank God For

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These are only 100 of an endless number of things Christians can find to thank God for! What are some other things you’re grateful for? Take some time today to reflect on all the good in your life and give thanks to the One who has blessed you so richly!

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