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Beautiful Word Bible Journal – Mark (Review)

A review of the NIV Beautiful Word Bible Journal – Mark. Thanks to and Bible Gateway Blogger Grid for the free Bible to review.

Beautiful Word Bible Journal - Mark (Review)

I recently was asked by to review the Beautiful Word Bible Journal in Mark and the Beautiful Word Coloring Bible for Girls.

I love the idea behind what Zondervan has done on these Bible journals. It gives you the ability to focus on one single book in Scripture and dive into it.

You have the freedom to make this little book super creative with art, doodling, drawing..etc. Or you could use it as a way to study and write tons of notes. You can even do a mix of the two! The world is your oyster.

I personally love this! I will probably do a combo of both. My biggest beef with the book is that it doesn’t lay flat. I understand if it doesn’t lay flat all the way but at least a little bit. NOPE…it’s tightly bound. I tried pressing down and it still closes up.

Below are some pictures and pros and cons. I hope it’s helpful!

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Images of the Beautiful Word Bible Journal – Mark

Pros & Cons of Beautiful Word Bible Journal – Mark (NIV)


  • Compact size
  • Really nice thick paper. Great for writing tons of notes, doodling, or doing full blown art.
  • Plenty of space to journal and draw notes.
  • Additional note section in the back.
  • 13 colorful illustrations in the journaling sections.


  • 9.5 point print size – If you have eyesight problems this font size might be hard to read.
  • The book does NOT lay flat. It actually really hard for it stay open even when just reading it. If you are wanting to do art it’s going to be difficult.
  • Basic NIV Bible. No cross-referencing or commentary.

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