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100 Super Fun Road Trip Conversation Starters

This list of 100 road trip conversation starters will make car rides more fun and ensure you never have a boring conversation again. Whether you’re road-tripping with close friends or just meeting your travel buddies, these starters spark deeper connections.

Expand on each question – yes or no answers kill the conversation. Let’s get this list going and avoid awkward silences!

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Road Trip Conversation Starters

“People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the people they ignore at home.”
Dagobert D. Runes

  1. What is the weirdest dream you ever had?
  2. If you owned a yacht, where would be the first place you would sail to?
  3. If you could go back in history what era would you visit and why?
  4. What was your favorite subject in school?
  5. What is the best gift you have ever gotten?
  6. If you had to be a superhero who would you be and why?
  7. What is your all-time favorite book or movie?
  8. What did you collect as a child?
  9. What is the scariest thing you have faced?
  10. What was your favorite cartoon as a child?
  11. Who was your favorite teacher in school? What was it about them that you liked?
  12. If you could witness a historical event, what would you see?
  13. If you could magically learn an instrument overnight, which instrument would you learn
  14. What is your favorite quote?
  15. What is the worst movie you have ever seen?
  16. What type of music drives you insane?
  17. What is a weird food combo that you would be willing to try?
  18. If you were given the opportunity to go into outer space, would you?
  19. What genre of movies do you hate?
  20. Do you prefer fiction or non-fiction books?
  21. If you won a gold medal at the Olympics what event would it have been for?
  22. If you could live expense-free for 6 months in any country, which country would you choose?
  23. What is your favorite Christmas memory?
  24. What is something most people love about you but you dislike?
  25. What would a perfect city be like?
  26. If you could be any fictional character, who would you be?
  27. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure song you secretly love?
  28. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever worn?
  29. Who was your childhood celebrity crush?
  30. What skill would you like to master?
  31. What would your perfect pizza be like?
  32. If you could switch lives with anyone for a day, who would it be?
  33. What’s the worst haircut you’ve ever had?
  34. What’s something you’re glad your parents made you do?
  35. What are some funny things you believed as a child?
  36. What’s the most useless talent you have?
  37. What mythical creature do you wish actually existed?
  38. What odd food combinations do you really enjoy?
  39. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
  40. What weird habits do you have?
  41. What’s the most boring superhero you can think of?
  42. If you could add anyone to Mount Rushmore, who would it be?
  43. What food do you crave most often?
  44. What trend or fad do you hope comes back in style?
  45. What movie universe would you most like to live in?
  46. What’s the best way to eat an Oreo?
  47. What food looked so good on TV or movies that you just had to try?
  48. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
  49. What’s something you will never ever try, no matter what?
  50. What city would you most like to live in?
  51. What actor or actress plays the same character in almost every movie?
  52. What’s your favorite holiday?
  53. What’s the strangest dream you’ve ever had?
  54. What songs hit you with a huge wave of nostalgia every time you hear them?
  55. What apps could you just not live without?
  56. What TV series will you rewatch over and over?
  57. What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue?
  58. Hot sauce – yay or nay?
  59. If animals could talk, which would be the rudest?
  60. What fictional place do you wish you could visit?
  61. What outdoor activities do you enjoy most?
  62. If you ran a restaurant, what kind of food would it serve?
  63. What’s the best way to start the day?
  64. Extrovert or introvert – which are you?
  65. What’s the most amazing natural wonder you’ve seen?
  66. What job doesn’t exist now but will exist in the future?
  67. What actor or actress plays the worst roles but keeps getting work?
  68. What’s the coolest animal you’ve seen in the wild?
  69. What songs do you only know the chorus to?
  70. What outdoor activities have you always wanted to try?
  71. What quirks do you have?
  72. What bands do you want to see before you or they kick the bucket?
  73. What TV show character would it be the most fun to change places with for a week?
  74. What TV show or movie do you refuse to watch?
  75. What hobby have you always wanted to start?
  76. What would your royal title be if you were suddenly made a member of the royal family?
  77. What food have you never eaten but would really like to try?
  78. What actor or actress plays the best villain?
  79. What vegetable do you hate the most?
  80. What’s the best way to relax after a stressful day?
  81. What popular song do you completely hate?
  82. What animal would you choose to be for a day if you could?
  83. If magic was real, what spell would you try to learn first?
  84. What’s the funniest movie you’ve ever seen?
  85. What amazing sights do you still want to see in person?
  86. What mythical creature do you wish actually existed?
  87. What movie can you watch over and over without ever getting tired of?
  88. What actors or actresses play the same character in almost every movie?
  89. What’s the most annoying habit someone can have?
  90. What popular food have you never eaten?
  91. What actor or actress would play you in the movie about your life?
  92. What songs do you sing really loudly and badly when you’re alone in a car?
  93. What outdated slang do you use on a regular basis?
  94. What celebrity do people say you resemble?
  95. What trend are you tired of?
  96. What ice cream topping should come back in style?
  97. What actor or actress doesn’t get enough credit for being funny?
  98. What food have you never eaten but would really like to try?
  99. What weird food combinations do you really enjoy?
  100. Who is your favorite fictional villain?

I sure hope these 100 conversation starters create a fantastic road trip and you can avoid a traumatic experience. Oh, how I wish I had this list on that trip.

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Drop me a comment below and share some of your road trip memories with me. Also, don’t forget to check out some road trip conversation starters for kids!

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Saturday 22nd of July 2017

Awkward car journeys are the worst! Thanks for the tips!

Sophia xxx