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On My Bookshelf: Decoding Your Dreams

Decoding Your Dreams
What the Lord May Be Saying to You While You Sleep
By Jennifer LeClaire 
Published by Thomas Nelson

 About the Book

What is God saying to you in your dreams?

Decoding Your Dreams provides an in-depth explanation of the true source of our dreams, dream classifications, and even dream symbols.

There are dozens of mentions of dreams in the Bible. From Abraham to Joseph, from Daniel all the way to Pontius Pilot’s wife, God has communicated with His people through dreams throughout recorded history.

Why would God choose to speak to us while we sleep?

Perhaps it’s because we are too distracted during the day to sit still long enough for Him to share the deep secrets of His heart.

Jennifer LeClaire is convinced God speaks to us in ways that are very personal. At times he may use pictures, memories, impressions, or even a still small voice.

Let Decoding Your Dreams help you embrace your Spirit-inspired dreams!

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My Review – Decoding Your Dreams

I have read a few books on dreams and I must say I really enjoyed Jennifer LeClaire’s Biblical insight into them. She hit on some very familiar things in dreams which you seems to find in all kinds of Christian books about the topic, like the source of a dream, common dreams, write down your dream, ect… But she does hit on some new interesting things. I love how she talked about culture playing a role in how we interpret. What something means to an American, may not mean the same thing to someone in Brazil. This is great to remember when helping someone interpret dreams. She gives tons of examples to this form, numbers, animals, phrases and so forth. Very interesting and something I haven’t seen in the books I have read.

I also, appreciate her being pushy on the importance of judging our dreams and that the interpretation comes from the Lord. To many times we either toss dreams away like they are worthless (not being a good steward) or we take everything to heart and react hastily. It’s important that we seek God and ask Him about the dream.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and feel like the author added a new depth to my understanding of Biblical dream interpretation

I received this book from the publishers for my honest review.

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