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7 Mighty Prayers for a New Job & Career

In this article, we will look at several different prayers for a new job and career. You can use these during your devotional time for yourself or even for a loved-one.

Are you struggling to find a job? Feeling lost in your career? Is your job too stressful??

You’re not alone. I have been in that same boat and it can be really hard. But I want to encourage you to NOT lose hope! God can help you through this season. Either by helping you find a new job, a new career, or by giving you the grace to stay where you are.

The goal is to seek the Lord, make your request, and pursue His will for your life. He cares for you and wants to help you. One way we can go about this is by praying. There is power when we pray.

I’ll share some prayers for a new job that you can pray to help you find the right path for you. Prayer is a powerful tool, and God can do amazing things when we put our trust in Him. So don’t give up; keep praying and have faith that God will guide you to where He wants you to be.

I do encourage you to look at these prayers as a guide or inspiration for your own prayer time with the Lord. The Bible is clear that He truly wants to hear from YOU as an individual. So, take these prayers and make them your own. Add specifics like desires, sitatutions, names, and more. This will help make these prayers personal between you and God.

prayers for a new job

Prayers for a New Job & Career

New Job Prayer

A Prayer to Find a New Job/New Position That I Will Love.

Lord, You know that I am anxious. Thankfully, Your Word reminds me in Matthew 6:25 that I should not be anxious about life, what I will eat or what I will drink, about my body or what I’ll put on. Since I know that my life is worth more than even I realize. I acknowledge You in my search for a new job. I pray that You will guide every step as I apply for a new job/position.

As I sit down to put my resume together, guide me to the right place and to how I will add value to their company. And Lord if I am supposed to branch out into my own personal business. Give me the wisdom and grace to do so. Grant me the confidence to trust You throughout the whole process. Thank You for the opportunity to fulfill my purpose through my career. In the name of Jesus, amen.

A Prayer for Starting a New Job (First Day)

God, You have been my provider. You have been the one who fights my battles. Thank You for the blessing of a new job. Lord, clear my mind from every kind of distraction and help me to fit into this new environment. Grant me joy and kindness to my new co-workers. Help me to honor You in the way that I work. Lord, always remind me of the Words of Colossians 3:23 that I should do and work with all my heart not working for human masters but for the Lord.

Energize me with the virtue of patience and perseverance to not get tired. And because Your favor is upon me and Your anointing overflows over my head I know that I will  excel at this job. Help me to work hard and to have a positive attitude. Help me to take initiative and to put aside all pride and laziness to be a problem solver and not a problem maker. In the name of Jesus, amen.

A Prayer for for Favor In a New Job

Dear God, I know that career success is propagated by You. Thank You for the ethic of excellence and professionalism. You know that I love to pour Your goodness on all those who are Yours. As I start this new journey in my career,  I am excited to see how You will encourage, strengthen and bless me and all those around me.

As I begin this new job, let my joy multiply. May all those who rejected me be open to me once more. Everywhere I go, let Your blessing follow me. I receive clarity and direction  for all the wonderful opportunities at my disposal in my new station. I decree that I am a success. Deliver me from a mat of procrastination and dress me up in the garment of favor in every place that I put my feet. In the Name of Jesus I pray, Amen

A Prayer for New Job Interview

God of all wisdom, You have promised  wisdom to anybody who asks. As I prepare for this job interview I ask for the gift of wisdom. May I approach every section of today’s interview with faith and assurance that I am not alone. At any time confusion or uncertainty arises, I am confident that You will guide me through the power of the Holy Spirit.

I decree that I am thinking clearly and calmly and that I will speak with clarity and confidence. Help me to do my very best, help me not to hold anything back. May I listen more and speak less. Help me to demonstrate every gift that You have put in me and how I can use it effectively in this job that I am applying for. In Jesus Name, Amen.

A Prayer for New Job Opportunity

You are the rock on which I stand, the firm foundation for every good and perfect gift. Today I pray for all new opportunities in my job hunt. I know that You are with me and I pray You would  open my eyes to see the opportunities in the jobs. Help me to see gold in the rough. Help me to see the beauty.

I know that You created me for a purpose and today I pray that You show me that purpose in the opportunities that sit ahead of me. Your Word reminds me that if I trust You with all my heart and I lean not on my own understanding, acknowledging You in everything that I do You will make my paths straight. I trust You with my future Father. In the name of Jesus, amen.

A Prayer for a New Job for (Spouse) or Child

Lord, You promised that If we ask it shall be given to us, if we seek we shall find, and if we knock the door shall be opened unto us. You are  Jehovah Jireh our provider, the All powerful and All knowing God.  You know the  needs of my child or (spouse). Lord bless the hands of my child or (spouse) and guide them in every choice that they are making to seek employment.

I pray that You will increase their faith and  remind them You can fulfill the  desires of their heart. As they go through the various interviews, I pray that Your presence will be with them for You are always faithful and dependable in all situations. Let Your favor rest upon my child or (spouse). Lead them to the exact place and the exact job that You have prepared for them and  we will always praise You. Thank You Jesus, Amen.

A Prayer for a New Career

Gracious Father, I am so grateful for this new platform and career You have given me. I trust You with all my heart Father to hold my hand all the way to the end. In this new job, I am grateful because You are with me. I ask that You go before me to my new boss, my seniors and colleagues.

May I obtain favor before their eyes. I pray for wisdom to perform my job well. Fill me with creative ideas so that I will be distinguished from the rest of my peers. I also pray for grace and strength that I will not be weary by doing this work but I will daily give my best. I am grateful because You are by my side and nothing or no one can bully me. Thank You Lord for Your guidance in my pursuit of something new. In the name of Jesus, amen.

I hope these prayers for a new job and career have been a blessing to you and that they have encouraged you to pursue God in prayer.

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