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8 Powerful Prayers for Restoration to Pray

In this article we will look at prayers for restoration in your life. These prayers can be used in a devotional setting or in a small group.

When you are going through a tough time, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You may feel like things have been stolen and taken from you. But I want to encourage you that God hasn’t forgotten about you. And He is the God that sees.

He is always with you and desires to help you through your difficult time. I encourage you to take some time each day to pray and ask Him for guidance and restoration in your life. He will hear your prayers and will answer them in His own way and timing. So don’t give up hope, Christ is right there with you every step of the way!

Prayers for Restoration

When praying for restoration it’s important to get specific with the Lord. Make sure to mention certain areas you want God to restore, names, and situations. My written prayers for restoration will help guide you and give you the inspiration you need. Now, let’s get started!

Prayers for Restoration

but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

Isaiah 40:31

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Restoration Of Relationships

Precious Lord Jesus, I thank You for the perfect example of a relationship that You have shown us through the sweet Holy Spirit where the ideal relationship is between God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. As I think about this, I know that You can restore every one of my relationships that are shaking. Thank You Lord, because You have taught me that relationships can be mended.

I ask that You will restore my relationship with (mention name and relationship) so that we will once again sit together and share about our lives over a cup of coffee. Lord Jesus, it is through Your blood that the dividing wall of hostility was broken, making the rival parties one. It is through Your blood that this relationship between me and(mention name) will be restored in Jesus Name, amen.

Restoration prayer for relationship

Prayer For Restoration Of Marriage

Father Lord, I thank You that marriage was instituted by You in the Garden of Eden. As the first Shepherd, you said, “What God has put together, let no man put asunder.” My marriage is one of the many marriages that are broken. It is not that Your Word is without effect, but forgive us because we have wandered away from the truth about marriage relationships all the way. Restore our marriage Lord.

Give us the strength and the grace to forgive each other and restore our passion for each other Father. I ask God, that You will comfort us and take away the pain of loss in our relationship. You are the restorer that brings men to the wife of their youth and women to the husband of their youth and I am grateful because You are doing this for me too. In the name of Jesus, amen

Prayer For Financial Blessings And Restoration

Lord Jesus, I thank You because finances are not a big issue for You. This season has not been easy for me because of the financial difficulty I am facing. Lord, I pray that You may bless me with finances to meet my needs and restore my ability to make wealth as I fulfill Your purpose. Lord, even after the destruction that happened to the house of Job, You restored him sevenfold.

Lord, I pray that You may restore everything I have lost unto me. Fill me with wisdom, Your counsel, and understanding on what to do, Lord. I ask that You may open doors for me in places where I have never thought about Father in Jesus’ Name, amen.

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A Prayer For Healing And Restoration

Lord, as I see sicknesses ravaging us and people close to us, I thank You because I am assured of Your healing no matter what kind of disease. Lord, let Your healing hand rest on me as I trust You in this period of sickness.

I pray that Your presence will fill this place and let Your healing power fall over me Father. No sickness is too big or too small for You to heal so I wait on You God. And I pray that You will not only heal my suffering body but You will also heal my soul. I trust in You and You alone Lord. May You use the doctors and the management they give me to clear and bring back to normal everything that is not working the way it should in my body. Thank You because You have proven Yourself faithful to do all this in Jesus’ Name. In the name of Jesus, amen

A Prayer For Deliverance And Restoration

Lord, I thank You because You are the master in delivering people from the gates of hell. I come to You this time crushed because of satanic attacks. I lay in bed stressed, confused, and isolated with no one to get me out of this darkness. May You deliver me through the life of Christ from these demonic attacks and the arrows of darkness. In the Name of Jesus, cancel every suicidal thoughts, feelings of unhappiness, sadness and frustration about my life this moment.

Let the light of God shine through my life God and still every storm of frustration and despair. You are the Lord that delivers us and I thank You because I will see You deliverance this day. I command peace to be still now in the Name of Jesus and I claim freedom for my soul. In the name of Jesus, amen

Prayer For Repentance And Restoration

Lord, in my utter confusion and state of being lost, forgive me. Forgive Me for walking away from Your perfect ordinances. Forgive me for rebelling against Your principles. Lord, forgive me for forsaking the truth about Your salvation, about life, about relationships, about marriage, about money, about sicknesses, and other things. Forgive me for believing the rumors and gossip that take away my faith and make me guard against the truth.

I turn my heart to Your loving-kindness and mercy. I turn my heart to Your shepherding heart that You may shepherd me. I turn my heart to Your ever-open arms. I turn my heart to Your life-giving Spirit. Lord, restore my faith, restore my love for the truth, restore my passion for You, restore my love for other people. Here I come, Lord, restore every aspect of my life that has been lost because of my disobedience and distrust. In the name of Jesus, amen

restoration prayer

A Prayer For The Restoration Of Lost Things

Lord Jesus,my heart has yearned for those things that I lost a long time ago. I have lost dreams and opportunities. In the middle of everything going on I have lost my identity, my faith and even material possessions. In the distress of loss, I come to You Lord. My heart is open to Your restoration. Restore my lost dreams.

I used to dream big and now I cannot anymore. Restore my identity in You Father. Restore all the physical possessions that I have lost so that I will not lack again. Many of these I lost in circumstances that made me lose my faith in You but I pray like David that You may restore unto me the joy of my salvation and renew the right spirit within me Father. Thank You because I am rejoicing again in Your goodness. In the name of Jesus, amen

A Prayer of Restoration

Father, Your Word in Joel 2:25 promises that You restore everything that was lost, killed, eaten and destroyed or stolen by the enemy. Today I receive the spirit of restitution and restoration in Jesus Name. I speak over every unknown force organized against my life to lose their power and be paralyzed in the Name of Jesus.

I stand on Your Word and I will recover everything that I had lost to the enemy. All my positions in the spirit and physical realm I release back to my life in the Name of Jesus. Thank You for answering every time I call upon You. What a marvelous God! In the name of Jesus, amen

I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten…

Joel 2:25A

I hope you have enjoyed these prayers for restoration and I pray God gives you complete restoration of everything the enemy has stolen from you. Remember He is faithful saints…put your trust in Him!

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