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Fish Dreams: The Biblical Meaning of Fish in a Dream

In this article we will take a look at the prophetic and biblical meaning of fish in a dream and what it could mean. Fish dreams are common and we will explore what scripture says and what the Lord may be saying to you. 

If you have been around Think About Such Things you will know I love studying the Bible on scripture on symbols and dreams. You can find more of those posts on my Christian Dream Interpretation page. For today I want to look at what fish in dreams could mean. 

But before we get into what the Bible says, and different kinds of fish dream. I want to be clear on interpretation. I am not here to interpret your dream. Scripture is clear that the one who brings the interpretation is the Lord.

biblical meaning of fish in dream

They said to him, “We have had dreams, and there is no one to interpret them.” And Joseph said to them, “Do not interpretations belong to God? Please tell them to me.” – Genesis 40:8 ESV

God will sometimes use people like Joseph and others to bring the interpretation. I have experience in interpreting dreams but these posts were created to help you learn how you can start to understand your dreams that come from God.

The first step is understanding and learning God’s word and second is getting in prayer. Also, important to note that not all dreams are from the Lord. 

Alright, now let’s take a look at these fish dreams.

Fish Dreams: What does the Bible Say

fish in the dream means (school of fish)

Dreaming about fish is not the most common of dreams, but it’s common enough that thousands of people search online for the meaning. So, not as common as a falling or naked dream. But a lot of people do dream about fish….in other words you are not alone!

And fish have an incredibly rich symbolism and meaning in the Bible. The word fish is mentioned 68 times in the KJV and fishes another 26 times. This helps to give us some solid understanding on the symbolism behind fish. Not like other non scriptural creatures like butterflies.

Just a good reminder… dreams interpretation and symbolism is not like a cookie cutter. One size does NOT fit all.

One fish dream could mean one thing and another fish dream could mean something else. So, please read through these and pray. See what the Holy Spirit highlights and shows you.

Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of Fish

As you read scripture you will see a common symbolic theme when it comes to fish. The major one is that fish symbolize people or souls.

 It’s such a strong and clear symbol that even in our modern culture we use fish idioms to reference people’s personalities or traits.

For example “fish out of water.” Is referring to a person who is in unfamiliar, and often uncomfortable, surroundings. (Source) More on this in the section Biblical Meaning Catching a Fish in A Dream (Fishing Dream). 

Another meaning fish can contain is the meaning of provision or supernatural provision. In the New Testament we see many miracles that involved fish. 

  • The multiplication of the fish and loaves  (provision for food)
  • Jesus telling the disciples to cast their nets on the right side of the boat (provision for food) – John 21:5-6 
  • A Coin in the fish’s mouth (provision to pay for taxes) – Matthew 17:27

Biblical Meaning Catching a Fish in A Dream (Fishing Dream) 

Catching a Fish in A Dream

When we look at fishing in scripture we are reminded of Jesus famous words in Matthew 4:19

Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19 NKJ

We see this through out the gospel that fish symbolize men. And fishing is essential meaning…”Catching people.”

This could look like…

  • Evangelism 
  • Pulling people out (out of darkness, a situation, etc) Bible Verses: Mark 1:17, Luke 5:5-10, Matthew 13:47-49

Outside of a Biblical context we see this idea of fish and fishing meaning people as well. For example when it comes to finding a significant other.

We say things like, “there are plenty of fish in the sea.” If someone lacks emotions we call them a “cold fish.”

What would be good to note in your dream is how were you fishing and where. These questions can be helpful to see more clearly what the Lord is saying to you.

Here are some more questions to ask yourself:

  • Was it with a fishing pole? With bait?
  • With a net?
  • With a spear?
  • With your hands?
  • Was I in a boat, dock, shore…etc? 
  • Fishing alone or with others?
  • What was the body of water? Lake, sea, pond…etc?

Biblical Meaning Eating a Fish in a Dream

Eating a Fish in a Dream

Fish was a popular and common food source in Biblical times. Jesus also performed the multiplication of loaves and fishes twice to provide for thousands of people. 

So, your fish dream could very well mean that Lord will bring provision. But this depends on your dream. If the dream is of you ferociously eating fish it could mean your words are hurting people. 

Can you see how those are two completely different understanding of how fish are symbolized in the dream?

I don’t the know specific of your dream. You will have to pray and seek wisdom for the Lord to give you His interpretation of why you were eating fish. 

Remember to ask questions too…

What was going on in the dream? What were you sensing and feeling? What kind of fish were you eating? etc…

Cooking or Cooked Fish Dream 

Along the lines above cooked or cooking fish could represent provision is coming or being prepared. Some good questions to ask is, who was cooking the fish? Was the fish given to you or someone else?

Cutting Fish in a Dream 

Cutting a fish could mean many different things. It could piggy back on cooking of fish and have the symbolic meaning of provision is being prepared for you. 

Cutting and cleaning a fish could also represent cleaning of the soul or dealing with deep inner things.

For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. – Hebrews 4:12

Biblical Meaning Fish Swimming 

If your dream consists of fish swimming around or you swimming with fish. This could have multiple meanings from a Biblical standpoint. It could mean you joining a community. For example going to a new church or taking a class.  

The school of fish could also represent a people group. It’s important to note where these fish swimming.

  • Was it in a river, ocean, lake, or was it in an aquarium?
  • Were the fish in danger or swimming peacefully
  • Anything specific about these fish? Were the same? Did the have a specific color?

Biblical Dream About Fish Out of Water

I think most of us are familiar with the metaphor, “A fish out of water…” Meaning someone is feeling out of place or not fitting in.

Having a dream of a fish out of water could mean that very metaphor (God sometimes uses modern metaphors and idioms to speak to us) or it could mean someone is struggling and is need of help since a fish needs water to survive.  

When I was younger my dad had koi fish in a pond at our house. And every once in a while a big koi fish would jump out of the pond to catch bugs. 

If we didn’t notice or were not there to help it back into the pond it would die. If we happened to be there you would see this poor little fish gasping for air and struggle to try to get back into the water. We of course would quickly rescue it and all would be well. 

Good questions to ask for this…

  • Was the fish struggling or was the fish dead? 
  • Was the fish near water or far away?
  • Did you help or try to help the fish?
  • Did the fish survive?

Biblical Dream About Dead Fish

A fish out of water is one thing and a dead fish is another. Dreaming about dead fish could mean various things. It could mean the end of relationship/friendship, someone walking away from the Lord, someone having extreme struggles and more. This is one I would encourage you to pray a lot about especially if the Lord is highlighting it. 

How to Interpret Fish in Dreams

Now that we have looked at those 6 types of fish dreams. How can we go about finding the meaning or interpretation. 

Well I want to share some key steps you can take to help you interpret a dream with fish in it. You will see a lot of questions through these steps. This is to help you break down your dream and see what it could mean. 

1. Write the dream down (or record it audible) and make note of anything prominent in the dream. (People, colors, objects, sound, location, etc…) 

And especially anything that the fish does…

Key Fish Dream Questions To Ask: 

  • What type of fish was it? 
  • Was the fish small or large?
  • What color was the fish?  Example was it a black, brown, or blue fish? 
  • Was this fish in water, out of water, or dead/cooked?
  • What was the fish doing? 
  • How did the fish make you feel?
  • Was the fish able to speak or convey information to you? If so write that down.

Special note on colors. For example black fish or red fish could have a double or richer meaning to their symbol because of their color. You can learn more about colors at: The Ultimate Guide to Colors in the Bible

  1. Look into the Bible about symbols you saw in your dream like the fish. Make note of this information and if something is quickened in your spirit than write that down.
  1. Begin to pray about the dream and ask God to bring clarity about what the fish symbolizes. If you sense anything from God write it down.
  1. This is a good time to share the dream with a family member or a good friend. You want this person to be someone who know the Lord and knows the Word. Tell them what your sensing and feeling about the dream. Ask for their thoughts and counsel. I would encourage you to ask for prayer during this time as well. 
  1. Pray over what you feel the dream and the fish could mean and take action if you feel the Lord is leading to you.

Well, there you have it. I sure hope this article on the Biblical meaning of fish in dreams was helpful. Many times God is speaking to us prophetically through our dreams, we just need to lean in and listen. 

Feel free to leave me a comment below. I would love to hear what Jesus is doing in your life! And if you would like to grow more on the topic of Christian Dream interpretation go on a visit this page.

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Tuesday 26th of October 2021

I dreamed i was sitting with 2 guys and i said im gona get us something to drink and suddenly im standing outside the shopping mall at night holding a brown fish in my hand there was this lady sitting on the ground and she asked me some of the fish its a big fish and as I gave her some she pulled a piece of the skin on the left side and i turned it so she can get a better piece on the right and she pulled off a nice big piece i walked away i pulled of a nice big piece for myself and ate it i then found myself with my wife and we are seperated anyway we were moving into this place but while we were putting the furniture in the room the landlord came in the one where she is staying now and their faces came so close together almost like they wanted to kiss and she left the room suddenly we were outside l was sweeping the white sand away and moved our bed like it was standing in a room but it was outside and she covered the bed with white sheets and i said the space is big enough for couches but we are outside and then she was jst sitting infront of me with a blue top and she showed me her boobs can you pls tel me what the dream is about me and my wife are seperated for 3 month and ever since i had dreams every night

Linda Oberholzer

Wednesday 20th of October 2021

In my dream a man i dont know walked up to me and gave me boxes and boxes of canned fish. I started to lauh and asked him what do i need to do with all of this fish?

Pauline Rathgeber

Wednesday 13th of October 2021

Goodmorning Hallo

I dreamt i received a packet of ready cooked fish from a certain company that i cant remember. My question is what does that mean

sylvia omodibo

Wednesday 13th of October 2021



Wednesday 29th of September 2021

Hello my name is april. I had dream about fishs coming out of my mouth silver fish I don’t know what it means please help me my sister in law hade the same dream to