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The Biblical Meaning of Colors in Dreams

In this article, we will explore the Biblical meaning of colors in dreams We will touch on various colors and what they mean symbolically in the Bible.

I’ve written in the past how God speaks in dreams but today I want to cover a different topic on dreams and even visions. I want to talk about colors! Sometimes we dream in color, other times in black and white, but what does it mean when we dream and a specific color pops out or emphasised?

Could this color have some kind of specific meaning? What does the Bible say about colors? Well, today we are going to touch on various colors and take a biblical look at what these dreams could mean.

dreaming in color

Important Things to Cover About Colors in Dreams

he said, “Listen to my words: “When there is a prophet among you, I, the LORD, reveal myself to them in visions, I speak to them in dreams. – Numbers 12:6

Before we continue into specific colors I wanted to cover some important things about dreams:

  • It’s vital that nothing should replace the Bible and Holy Spirit. Seek Him and dig into His Word to understand symbolism when it comes to dreams and visions.
  • It’s important to note that not all dreams come from God. There are some dreams that come from our soul, and others can be demonic. For example certain medication can induce intense dreams. It’s always vital we pray about our dreams and ask God for clarity and wisdom.
  • Colors only matter in dreams when their is specific color that is germane. It stood out to you… so you could have a dream and it was from the Lord but there was no specific color that was brought to your attention. In another dream there could be an article of clothing that was bright yellow. And color stood out to you in the dream.
  • I find it helpful to jot down my dreams in a journal. This helps me remember details of the dream that I would easily forget with time. Make specific notes about the colors that stood out. Ask questions like where was the color? was an object a specific color? How did this color make me feel? More on this later…
  • Dreams are symbolic in nature and should not always be taken literal. A great example of this are the dreams of Joseph. In one of his dreams stalks of wheat were symbols of his family members.
  • It’s NOT wise to seek interpretation outside of the Lord. The Bible is very clear that the interpretation belongs to the Lord (Genesis 40:8). This is why it’s important to learn about Biblical symbolism, and learn to hear God’s voice.
  • Colors can symbolize something positive or something negative. This is determined by the object or person and what was happening within the dream. Her is a quick example: A beautiful red coat is given to you as a gift. This would reflect a positive meaning, while a dream of being chased by an angry red wolf would have a negative meaning.
Dream Bible Quote Acts 2:17

Cultural Meanings VS Biblical Meaning of Colors in Dreams

We can gather symbolic meanings from all kinds of sources. Here on Think About Such Things we focus on Biblical truth and symbolism. But there other symbolic meanings behind colors. One that is extremely common is cultural meanings. I was born and raised in America and we have some colors associated with certain things. Let me go through some examples for you:

GREEN – In America our money is green and there is even a slang word for money called greenback. So, at times the color green can be associated with money and even greed.

RED- Oh, no! You have been caught…”red-handed” The color red can mean being caught or exposed. While the same color can also mean love and romance.

BLUE – Have you ever heard the term, “Why are you so blue today?” We see blue as meaning sad, down and out, and even depressed or what about the term, black and blue. This means to be bruised and beat up.

YELLOW – Watching an old western movie, you might hear someone being called “yellow-bellied.” meaning they are a coward and full of fear.

For more cultural meanings check out: The Meaning of Colors in Cultures Around the World

These are just a few examples, but there are tons of cultural symbolism with colors. Now, when praying and interpreting a dream I would focus on scriptural meaning, but are times when God will use a cultural meaning behind a color to convey what He wants to reveal to you.

Now, let’s get started on individual colors…

The Biblical Meaning of Colors in Dreams

The Color Red in Dreams

Red in dreams can convey a slew of meanings. In Scripture we see it representing the blood of Christ, covenant, atonement, war, sin, judgement, and more.

Blood2 Kings 3:22
WarRevelation 6:4
Atonement and PurificationExodus 12:7, 1 Peter 1:18-19,
Hebrews 9:22, Leviticus 17:11,
1 John 1:7
Wealth2 Samuel 1:24, Proverbs 31:21
CovenantMatthew 26:28,
Hebrews 9:18, Exodus 24:8,
God/JesusRevelation 4:2-3, Rev 19:13–15
JudgementRevelation 6:12, Isaiah 63
Sin and Self-RighteousnessIsaiah 1:18, Isaiah 64:6 
The Color Red in the Bible

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The Color Orange in Dreams

Orange is a unique color as it’s not found in scripture. So, we pull meaning from objects that are orange in nature as you can see in graph below. Orange can represent passion (fire), and rebellion- decay(rust). Culturally it can represent warning or to be caution as construction traffic street signs are orange.

Ezekiel 24:6, Matthew 6:19-20
Iron Ore:
Jeremiah 6:28
Psalm 31:12, Hosea 8:8
Fire: God Presence,
Purification, Judgement
1 Peter 1:7, Hebrews 12:29,
Revelation 1:14

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The Color Yellow in Dreams

Yellow is a lot like orange in that we find it’s symbolic meaning in object of that color. When seeing yellow in a dream it can convey God’s anointing/presence, God’s blessing, and purification. On the flip side it can represent sickness, and even immaturity (a young plant is yellowish-green).

Oil – Anointing/Presence of God
Exodus 30:22-25, 1 Samuel 16:13
Psalm 92:10
Fire – Purification/JudgementHebrews 12:29, Zechariah 13:9,
Proverbs 17:3, 1 Corinthians 3:13-15
Honey – Promises/Blessing/DelightProverbs 16:24, Psalm 81:16, Exodus 3:8,
Ezekiel 3:3
Sickness and LeprosyLeviticus 13:30
Glory and God’s PresenceDaniel 10, Ezekiel 8:2

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The Color Green in Dreams

Green on a positive symbol means growth, flourishing, fruitfulness, and rest. On a negative meaning it mean pride and lawlessness. We see this in the book of Daniel, in the dream of the great tree which represented the pride of King Nebuchadnezzar.

Life/Thriving/Flourish/GrowthJeremiah 11:16, Isaiah 15:6, Psalm 1:3,
Ezekiel 17:24,
RestPsalm 23:2
Lawlessness and PrideJeremiah 2:19-21, Daniel 4
FruitfulPsalm 92:13-13, Jeremiah 11:16,
Hosea 14:8
Frailty and SicknessPsalm 37:2, Revelation 6:8
God’s ThroneRevelation 4:1-3

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The Color Blue in Dreams

Blue tends to represent revelation, the Spirit, and healing. It’s seen throughout scripture to be associated with God. Many times when I have had dreams or visions from the Lord the color blue represented His presence.

The Heavens/God’s ThroneExodus 24:10, Ezekiel 10:1, Ezekiel 1:26

Life – WaterJohn 4:13-14, Revelation 21:6
Healing (The Tallit and Tzitzit) and CleansingMatthew 9:21
Prayer ( the Tallit and Tzitzit)Numbers 15:38, Deuteronomy 22:12
Royalty/High Position/WealthEsther 8:15, Esther 1:6, Ezekiel 23:6,
The Lord’s CommandmentsNumbers 15:38-40

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The Color Purple in Dreams

Many times when we see purple in our dreams it represents authority, position, or influence. It can also represent wealth. These sound all positive but all those things can be used for good or evil. So, keep that in mind when you are looking at your dream. For example you are being attacked by a person in a purple shirt. This could represent someone of authority coming against you. Another dream where you are gifted a beautiful purple coat, can represent a new position at work or authority in the Spirit. This is when prayer is important.

Royalty & High PositionJudges 8:26, Esther 8:15
Wealth & LuxuryExodus 28:5, Luke 16:19, Daniel 5:29, Proverbs 31:22, Revelation 18:16
Corruption of WealthRevelation 17:4

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I sure hope this article on biblical meaning of colors in dreams has been helpful in you learning Christian dream interpretation. Remember God wants to speak to us and sometimes He will use dreams. Write them down and spend time in prayer. God will reveal and confirm what He is saying to you!

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