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The Biblical Meaning Of The Number 5

In this article, we will continue our study of numbers in the Bible, with this post focusing on the Biblical meaning of the number 5. So, grab your Bible, and let’s explore the world of numbers…

As we have continued to look at numbers, I think it’s important to remind ourselves that numbers in the Bible are not meant to be a guiding feature in the Scriptures. Still, there are several patterns to discover regarding certain numbers.

When numbers in the Bible are used repeatedly in specific ways, it is usually for a reason, and taking note of these uses can be very interesting.

The number 5 is one such number in the Bible, as it is used in several places in the Scripture and is significant in many instances. And a cool thing to note is that numbers are connected to letters in the Hebrew alphabet, which further increases their meaning, especially in a Biblical context.

This number is interesting to look for in the Bible, especially when used repeatedly in one area of Scripture. So, let’s explore the number 5 in Bible to learn its meaning, where it is used, and why it is important in the Bible.

The Biblical Meaning Of The Number 5

The Biblical Meaning Of The Number 5: Let’s Look At The Hebrew

The number 5 is connected with the Hebrew letter Hei or He, which is the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. This letter has significant meaning in the Hebrew language. The letter itself means ‘to look‘ or ‘to behold.’

The Hebrew letter Hei is the fifth letter in the Hebrew alphabet, as well as a number of other Semitic language’s alphabets. Through the ancient Phoenician language, the letter Hei actually became the modern letter “E” in the English and Latin alphabets. (source)
Number 5 meaning in the bible

This letter is often used as an abbreviation for Hashem, which translates as The Name, which is how Hebrew people would refer to God without saying His Hebrew name, as a sign of respect.

The number 5 is used in several instances in the Bible. The Bible itself does not specify a specific meaning for the number 5, but there are some patterns to find that can teach us about the number and some notable instances where this number is used in significant contexts.

Biblical scholars generally consider the number 5 to represent God’s grace, mercy, and favor.

This interpretation is likely derived from the significance of the number 5 in constructing God’s Tabernacle in Exodus.

In the construction of the tabernacle, many instances of the number 5 are used, as well as several multiples of the number 5. The number 5 is especially prevalent in the shape and size of the altar for offerings to the Lord, which was made to be five cubits square.

This altar represents the mercy and grace of God, which is usually where the meaning of this number comes from in a Biblical context.

Other instances of the number 5 in the Bible can apply meaning to the number, such as:

  • The five-fold giftings in Ephesians 4
  • The 5 sacrifices made by Abraham in Genesis 15
  • The 5 types of offerings made in the Old Testament.
  • The 5 ingredients used in anointing oil and incense.
  • The 5 books of the Law or the Pentateuch.

These are significant uses of the number 5 in the Bible. But it is important to remember that many of these carry little more significance than the will of the Lord and are divine in nature because the Lord designed them in this way, not because man assigns them significance.

Another interesting thing we see with the number 5 is its pattern in the human body that the Lord formed:

  • Five fingers and toes on each hand and foot – This can connect to the idea of work or your walk.
  • Five senses – seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling.

Why Is The Number 5 So Important In The Bible?

The number appears to be important in the Bible, as it is used more than 300 times in more than 200 Scriptures in the KJV.

Why is the number 5 so important in the Bible?

When God set the number in its place in the construction of these holy structures and items, it was by His design. This is all we need to know about why the number 5 is important in the Bible. There is no special meaning to the number apart from the will and grace of God.

However, the number is also important elsewhere in Scripture. God chose 5 offices in Ephesians 4. These are critical because they are made to come under the body of Christ and equip the church for the works of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12).

David chose five smooth stones out of the broke to fight Goliath with. I have heard that this is symbolic of the five-fold ministry.

40 Then he took his staff in his hand; and he chose for himself five smooth stones from the brook, and put them in a shepherd’s bag, in a pouch which he had, and his sling was in his hand. And he drew near to the Philistine. – 1 Samuel 17:40

Every time the number 5 is used in a significant way in the Bible, it points to the grace of God, the edification and equipping of the saints, and the mercy of God toward His people.

This makes the number 5 very important in specific places in the Bible, not due to the inherent importance of the number but due to the importance of the will and design of God.

Where Is The Number 5 Used In The Bible?

the number 5 in the Bible

has its own context that is important to remember when looking for patterns and meaning in the number Biblically.

The number 5 is used in Genesis often when depicting the ages of various people from the lineage of Adam.

And as I have mentioned earlier, it is used in Exodus in the construction designs for the Tabernacle and altar and Numbers when describing the number and types of annual sacrifices.

This number is also used in the following:

  • Joshua when the Israelites defeated five Amorite kings
  • 1 King during the design of Solomon’s temple
  • Ezekiel in the description of the New Jerusalem.
  • Jesus multiplied five loaves and two fish for five-thousand men in Matthew 14.
  • Five-thousand people believed after the word from Peter in Acts 4.
  • Five months of torment from scorpions in Revelation 9.

All of these uses of the number 5 in Scripture are significant and worth noting, but it is always important to remember that this number is used so frequently because the Lord designed it this way.

Wherever you see this number used, look for the grace and mercy of God relevant to the context of the use of the number.

Does The Number 5 Always Represent Grace?

The number 5 in the Bible is often said to represent the grace of God, mercy, and favor. This meaning is usually derived from the heavy use of the number 5 in constructing the temples, tabernacles, and alters in the Bible.

This is a good meaning to find in the number, but it is important to remember that the number does not always mean the same thing.

It is also important not to draw meaning from a number where it is intended to only be a  number rather than conveying a message from God. We can see this a lot when people go after angel numbers or numerology.

Not every use of the number 5 in the Bible has significant meaning, and the number is not always used to represent grace, mercy, and favor from God. Sometimes the number is just used as the number and has no deeper meaning.

This is when we lean on the Holy Spirit and ask for His wisdom and guidance as we seek the Word.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Number 5

Ok, to sum up, what we have learned about the number 5 and what it means symbolically, spiritually, and prophetically:

We see the number five meaning:

  • Grace
  • Mercy
  • Favor
  • To behold or look (from the Hebrew)
  • Work or Walk (fingers and/or toes)
spiritually 5 meaning in the Bible

The number 5 in the Bible is used frequently throughout the Scriptures. The number is used in hundreds of instances, most in very different contexts. The number 5 means grace, mercy, and favor from God, but this is not the only way the number is used Biblically.

Take your time to explore the number 5 in the Bible for yourself. Use a concordance of the Bible to find where it is used, and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal its meaning to you as you read. There is always deeper meaning in the Scriptures than we can see on the surface, but the best way to discern it is by the Spirit of the Lord.

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