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Powerful Lessons From The Life Of Sarah In The Bible

In this article, we will explore life lessons from the life of Sarah in the Bible. So, grab your Bible, and let’s dig into this Sarah Bible Study.

Sarah stands out when it comes to some leading ladies in the Bible. Not just because she is a huge matriarch but because of what God does in her life and how Sarah responds. Her life story is powerful and one that many can relate to.

Sarah’s story in the Bible is found in Genesis from chapters 12 to 23, and her life bears several lessons that can be applied to the life of every Christian. Sarah is truly a key figure in the Bible, and it is good for believers to read about her life and learn from it. And that’s exactly what we are going to do today.

The life of Sarah in the Bible holds many lessons, and we will be looking at a handful of them today. Some we will be including are that God is always faithful, God can perform miracles even when we have lost hope, the timing of God is perfect, and nothing is impossible with God. Trust in the word of God and His promises, regardless of your circumstances.

There is much to learn from Sarah and her life, as the Lord used her in powerful ways, even when she did not realize it.

Sarah will always be remembered as a woman who God used to fulfill His will on earth and will always be classified as one of the heroes of the faith. Here we will explore the life of Sarah in the Bible and outline some of the lessons that can be learned from her life.

Lessons From The Life Of Sarah In The Bible

Lessons From The Life Of Sarah In The Bible

Sarah In The Bible

Sarah, who used to be Sarai, was the wife of Abraham in the Bible and the mother of Isaac. The Lord used Sarah in powerful ways to fulfill His promise to Abraham that He would multiply Abraham more than there are stars in the sky and that Abraham’s descendants would be the people of God.

Sarah had to learn many lessons during her life, and the Lord taught her great things about trusting Him, having faith in Him, and believing His word regardless of circumstances.

In the Bible, God told Abraham that He would give him a son through Sarah and that this son would be the son of promise by whom God fulfills his word to Abraham. But so many things would be an obstacle for that to happen, but not for God!

Let’s explore the lessons we can learn through the life of Sarah, how she processed with Abraham and the Lord, and how God used her to fulfill His word and make a way through Sarah’s son to dwell with His people.

The Lord Can Perform Miracles Even When We Have Given Up

Among the most important lessons we learn from Sarah in the Bible is that God can perform miracles in and through us, even if we have lost hope and the world says it’s impossible.

God promised Abraham that he would bear a child with Sarah, but Abraham and Sarah were very advanced in years, with Sarah being 90 and Abraham 100!

Sarah and Abraham laughed when they were told that Sarah would bear a child, as she was well past the age of childbearing, and she did not think it was possible. And she’s not wrong! Her body was done. Every doctor would tell you it’s impossible, but the Great Physician has a different point of view.

The Lord fulfilled His promise to Sarah at exactly the time that He said He would. Sarah conceived and gave birth to Isaac when she was in her 90s, and she nursed him and raised him and raised him well.

God gave Sarah the vitality, strength, and ability to do what He called her to do, despite the fact that she felt like she could not do it, and physically, her body wasn’t able to.

This teaches us to trust in what the Lord says, even when we cannot see further than our own circumstances. He is able to do things way beyond our thinking and can fulfill a promise that seems utterly hopeless.

So, if you have been long waiting on a promise….don’t lose hope! God is able to move and bring forth what He has promised in His perfect timing.

The Lord Is Always Faithful

so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
    It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
    and achieve the purpose for which I sent it. – Isaiah 55:11

Another important lesson to learn from the life of Sarah is that God is always faithful to us.

The Bible teaches that the Word of the Lord will never return to Him void, meaning that His word is always true and will always be fruitful and that the word of the Lord will always accomplish what He pleases, and it will always prosper in the purpose for which He sent it (Isaiah 55:11).

The word God spoke to Sarah came to pass exactly when He said it would. The Lord is always faithful to fulfill His word, and His faithfulness will never disappoint us. This is seen in her life, but also in so many other lives in scripture, church history, the here and now, and in prophecies still being fulfilled.

God is always faithful, even if we are not (2 Timothy 2:13).

The Timing Of The Lord Is Perfect

sarah bible study God's timing is perfect

Sarah learned to trust in the timing of God and that the promises and Word of the Lord will be fulfilled according to His timing, not our own. This is a hard one to swallow sometimes!

Sarah and Abraham knew God would give them a child, but Sarah was impatient and gave her servant Hagar to Abraham to bear a child for them. This was not the will of the Lord, as He promised that Abraham and Sarah would bear the child that fulfilled His word.

In Sarah’s impatience, she had no faith in the perfect timing of God. However, she learned this lesson when the Lord gave her and Abraham new names and told them that Isaac would be born in the following year when He returned to them.

The Lord always knew when Isaac would be born and that the timing of his birth would be perfect, but Sarah could not see that. Sarah took these matters into her own hands, and the timing of the birth of Hagar’s son was not right.

When the time of the Lord was right, God changed their names from Abram and Sarai to Abraham and Sarah, signifying that He was breathing into their lives, and after that, when He ordained it to be, Sarah conceived and gave birth to Isaac.

The timing of the Lord is always perfect, and His promises in our lives will always be fulfilled according to His will and His timing, and it is fruitless and dangerous to attempt to bring His promises into our lives before He has ordained them. Sarah’s impatience is still seen now in our modern day between Ishmael (Arabs) and Issac (Israel.

The promise of the Lord in our lives can only be good when He does it; it cannot be made good by our own hands. A prime example of this that I have seen played out in real life is when someone’s desire for marriage is so strong that they can no longer wait on God and they marry whoever fits the bill. Sadly, this usually doesn’t end well.

We want to be careful not to make an Ishmael in our lives and wait patiently on the Lord. He truly sees things from a different perspective. And we can trust that His timing is good.

Nothing Is Impossible With God

Sarah in bible characteristics

The last important lesson in the life of Sarah is that nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37). We serve a God of CAN not of cannot.

Even though Sarah was well past the age of childbirth, God made it happen because He is able. Something the Lord has said to me time and time again is, “My hand is not short.” That He is able to reach and do the thing I think is impossible.

Regardless of what we think is possible or where we are in our lives, it is always important to remember that nothing is impossible for God. He is the Almighty, and if He says it, it is.

The life of Sarah has many other lessons for Christians to learn from, so it is good for you to take the time to read through the Genesis 12 – 23 (click to read her story) and find more of them for yourself. Sarah is a good person in the Bible to learn lessons from, as she learned to live according to the perfect will of the Lord and not her own.

Learn as much as you can from Sarah, especially if you are learning to rely on the Lord for what you cannot yet see. He is always faithful, and His promises are always true.

More Life Lessons We Can Learn

Sarah bible character study
Sarah in the Bible

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