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23 Yummy Thanksgiving Dips You Can’t Stop Eating

Grab your favorite chip or cracker cause we will be diving into some yummy Thanksgiving dips!

My love of dips runs deep. I love them with chips, crackers, in my sandwich…

Sadly, my mom does not share this love of dips with me. She will catch me at party and be like “Why are you eating that?” As to remind me dips are not a healthy choice. Pshh it’s a party…and it’s got protein.

I then remind her, “It’s delicious…like really delicious…and you should go talk to Aunt Grace and leave me alone.” lol

I then find a handful of cousins eating dip and it’s like the family that dips together stick together.

23 Thanksgiving dips. Great appetizer for holiday parties.

Alright, enough about my love of dips…

Let’s check out some great Thanksgiving dips. These will either have a specific Thanksgiving twist like pumpkin and cranberries (YUM) or they will be classic or unique dips that everyone will love.

No matter what…if you are in charge or bringing and appetizer or dip. Pick one of these and you will be a winner. Also need a place to serve you dip in? I love these kind of dip dishes…versatile on so many levels.

Don’t forget to check out my Christmas dips too!

Dips for Thanksgiving Appetizer

Grab a chip, veggie, bread, or other dip friendly scopper and dive into these 23 delicious thanksgiving dips.

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