Christian Morning Routine [How to Anchor Your Day]

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Developing a Christian morning routine is important for your spiritual growth. It also affects your attitude throughout the day.

How to have a Christian morning routine

I am one of those people who need a morning routine. If I don’t have one I get sucked into one of these two vortexes.

  • The vortex of busy: You know that vortex of “Oh my goodness, I have so much to do…go..go…go. GET IT ALL DONE! Must run all the errands, meet all the people, do all the stuff. Wow, how is it 9 pm already?”
  • The vortex of aimlessness: You know that vortex of “Oh today is going to be productive… I’m going to do lots of things. I should really check my email and Facebook. Wait I just got 5 text messages from people who I need to respond too? OK! Huh, when was the last time I vacuumed. Better do it now. Hmm getting hungry probably should make food for the family. Don’t know what to make. I’ll look online. 500 recipes later. TA-DA Tacos! Gosh, it’s already 9 pm?”

I hate these vortexes.

And if I am not careful they don’t just take over my day, they start to take over my life. I become too busy for the essentials or too unfocused to accomplish what I really desire.

The biggest flaws of those two are the lack of God time that happens.

That’s why I need my morning routine, but I prefer to call them my morning anchors. These are the things in my life that anchor me for the day. They help me avoid those vortexes and have a fruitful day.

The reason these are different than just routine tasks is what they do for you on a spiritual and physical level.

In real life, an anchor is used for when a ship needs to be centered in one location and not moved by the wind or the current.

In this day and age, it’s pretty windy and the current of our physical AND digital life (think phone, the internet, social media etc..) can really take us away from our center, which needs to be Jesus.

That’s why I think it’s important we develop some anchors and not just tasks. They need to be things we do that touch the core of who we are.

With that said, I want to share some of my morning anchors with you. These are things I do every morning. And if I skip it or something happens I can really see how it affects me throughout the day.

My Christian Morning Routine

I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me. Proverbs 8:17

Christian Morning Routine

Here are my 7 tasks that I try to do on a daily basis. I hope they inspire you in your journey in creating your own morning routine.

  •  Have Alone Time With Him  – You can set this up to be 5min or 60min. It doesn’t matter just commune and seek Him. Worship and pray…ask for His presence to come and for Him to guide your day. If you need to get up a little earlier for this then do it. Trust me it will change things so much.
  • Read Your Bible – I know some people like reading devotionals or other books. But I think it’s good to just read the Word without any commentary or someone’s thoughts attached to it.  If we always rely on outside sources you will never fully understand what the Bible is saying. You will only capture bits and pieces. There are lots of wonderful and life-changing stories. You will miss them if you only use a devotional or book. I usually read about 2-3 chapters in my Bible and then read from a Christian non-fiction book.
  • Write Down Any Dreams I had – If I happen to have a dream that night that I feel God is speaking to me through. I will then spend some time writing it out. I will also pray for God to give me insight into it.
  • Write Down A To-Do List for the Day – I usually do this after my alone time with God and Bible. This is seriously important when it comes to avoiding stress and lack of focus. When you write a list out of things that need to be done you no longer have to carry that list in your head. You can just reference your list for the day. *Some people prefer to make a to-do list the night before. Try out both ways and see what works best for you.
  • Eat A Healthy Breakfast or Fast – Food plays a big role on how you feel, your energy level and even mental clarity. It’s important to let your first meal be healthy. Starting with a good source of protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs or low carb. You can also do intermittent fasting.
  • Think About What I Am Thankful For – Starting out your day with a thankful heart is so important. It gets our mind off of what I lack and onto everything God has provided for. Scripture makes it clear that thanksgiving ushers us into the presence of God. You can learn more about thankfulness here: HOW TO CULTIVATE A HEART OF THANKFULNESS  Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. Psalms 100:4
  • Eat a Frog – You are probably thinking I am crazy, but don’t click that X! I am talking about a concept by Brian Tracy’s book, Eat that Frog. The basic idea behind what Tracy teaches is that before 11 am do the one thing you don’t want to do (your frog) and just do it (eat it). If you accomplish your least favorite thing on your to-do list first it will set your day. This helps to defeat procrastination.

This is great if you have a certain goal you want to accomplish or perhaps the Lord has put something on your heart.

An example is that you want to write a book, but never seem to be able to work on it. Something always comes up! Well, eat that frog! Make a goal for that morning to write 1000 words or whatever steps you feel like you need to take to achieve your goal.

Create Your Own Morning Routine

Those are 6 of my anchors and my Christian morning routine. I don’t go crazy and have this huge list of tasks to-dos in the morning. Even with my type A personality that drives me crazy.

It's import to keep it simple and rightly focus on the things that matter. Especially when it comes to spending time with the Lord.

I will say that I wake up around 6 or 6:30 am to have my alone time with God. If I don’t do that when everyone wakes up and I just have a hard time setting time away to focus. That’s me!

The one thing I will say is that you are not me and I am not you. Tweak your mornings to what you need to anchor yourself. If you need to exercise in the morning consider going on a prayer walk or jog.

Hate reading? Get an audio version of the Bible. There are lots of ways you can create anchors in your life.

Love to journal? Then add this into your routine.

Play around with your routine and you can even change it up every day. Just make sure to have your core anchors of spending time with God in place.

The key is consistency. If you do good for 3 days and all of a sudden fall off the bandwagon. No biggie...get right back on track. The more you do it the more it will become a habit and lifestyle.

More on Mornings

If you would like to grow more on your morning time with the Lord. I encourage you to check out these post below.

I hope my morning Christian routine was helpful in your pursuit of God. I would love to hear the way you anchor yourself in the mornings. Drop me a comment below and let me know.

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7 Christian morning routine tasks

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  1. Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for sharing your morning routine! My morning routine looks very similar. What I really appreciate is that you put time alone with God FIRST. I believe it is very important that we start our day off right with God. He is the one who gave us the day and we are dependent on Him to make it through the day, so start it by acknowledging Him 😊

    Thanks for the helpful article! Blessings!

    1. Thanks Lara! That’s awesome that your morning routine is similar!! Spending time with Him in the morning is always such a sweet time. I believe God really enjoys that time with us. 🙂

  2. I love this routine!! Especially the “eating the frong” part. I always feel better about my day when I get the less then pleasant parts out of the way early 😊

    1. Thanks Mackenzie!! It’s like a huge weight is lifted off of you when you a eat a Frog in the morning. It really does help your day flow better!

  3. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips. I have been been in those vortexes and I really don’t want to be back there.

  4. Love the idea of “morning anchors”! I got thrown off my morning routine lately and have been struggling to get back on track, so thanks for some motivation today!

    1. Kira, that is worst! I recently have been thrown off my morning routine with my mom getting emergency surgery. It can be so hard to get back on track. But it is so worth it!

  5. Pinned this post! I’ve never been a morning person, but I have to say that I crave my morning prayer and devotional/Bible time! It really does help me focus. I also like your “eat a frog” idea.

    1. Even if you are not a morning person you can always start your routine when you wake up! That’s the beauty of it…make it what is doable for your lifestyle. 🙂

  6. LOL at “eat a frog”! Good advice though 🙂 Focusing ourselves on God’s truth and priorities are definitely key. Sharing!

  7. Routines are so important for me too! Love your list. Thanks for sharing

  8. Love the idea of our time with God as an anchor. I definitely noticed I’m more anxious if I forget to spend time with him.

    1. Isn’t it so interesting that you can tell difference for when you spend time with Him or not?? I notice a lot in my attitude!

  9. Love this! Great anchors. I couldn’t agree more about reading the Bible itself. Even though I author a daily devotional, I encourage my readers to spend time every day just reading the Bible. It’s so important! Thanks for the great post!

    1. Thanks Esther! Just good ol’ fashion Bible reading can do so much! And that’s awesome you write a daily devotional. I will have to check out your site! 🙂

  10. Loved this! And you’re right, I read the “Eat a frog step” and thought what the heck! Then i seen it was a concept. Lol awesome post. I definitely try to do a lot of these things, but there are some fresh ideas I need to input into my mornings.

    1. Haha…yeah no frog legs for breakfast! Yuck! Glad the post had some fresh ideas for you!

  11. Melissa, I so needed to read this after my long 2 weeks! I love the “eat the frog” part! There are small things that I hate doing and try to push it back towards the end of the day and the thought of it is weighing on my shoulders. So I’m definitely going to try that out. I use to wake up at 4 because my husband works at 6 and I make him breakfast. I use to stay up but after certain things start to hit, I was needing more sleep and would crawl back to bed. Your post is so encouraging and I’m willing to start again. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. I’m so glad this ministered to you Martika!! When you “eat that frog” early in the day you feel so awesome lol. When ever I have a task I don’t want to do or a something I want to do but never make time for and I actually do it in the morning… it’s an AMAZING feeling!! 😀 I hope things get easier in the next few months for you!

  12. Hey Melissa! I found that really helpful! Trying to set up a morning routine at the moment. Thanks!

  13. Finally got around to reading older blog posts and I’m so glad I read this one! I most definitely need to be anchored. I have a tendency to get distracted very easily and then I get so frustrated at myself! I know it won’t be easy but I will set up a morning routine.
    Thanks – Rosa

    1. Rosa, I know the feeling….I have to war for my mornings. It’s so easy to get sidetracked with “stuff.” But when we do spend time with Him in the morning it’s so rewarding. I believe the enemy knows this and that’s why many have a hard time.

  14. Maria Gorton says:

    I feel God led me to your post—He is so good! In the past, through prayer, He directed me toward routine, but I fell away. Thank you for the concrete direction. I struggle with the “aimless vortex” and will put your suggestions into practice. Thank you for putting this out there.

  15. Just read your post and looked at my clock. I’ve got 45 minutes to Eat A Frog! Laundry. I am not a fan of laundry. Haha. But seriously, I love the tips in here and I love that so much of your morning is focused on connecting with God.

  16. LaDarian Thomas says:

    Every Morning I pray and do a Bible Plan on the Bible App, Eat Breakfast, and do my necessary Hygiene. Most mornings I listen to peaceful instrumentals while getting ready: inviting God’s Presence to be with me all day. I have a Daily Planner, from Family Dollar, it’s a customizable Planner but it’s so good!

  17. This is VERY helpful! When I wake up my mind is going 100mph! It’s REALLY difficult stopping to have that quiet time & focus on God, AND then what I want/need to accomplish throughout my morning/day. I think of Hebrews 13:15, about “offering a sacrifice of praise,” I’ve got to take that to heart knowing we come into His presence, plus inviting God into my day! Thanks for posting!

  18. Tadiwanashe Maringire says:

    I am personally a victim of these “vortexes”,I really dont have anything productive to show for at the end of each day. Thank you very much for sharing these anchors. I know they will have a positive impact in my daily life.