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17 Amazing Pistachio Recipes You Need To Try

In this post we will look at 17 scrumptious pistachio recipes. These nutty and yummy dishes will have you and your family asking for seconds.

Pistachios are one of my all time favorite nuts. Actually, they are not even a nut. Pistachios are actually a seed (source)! I sure hope that means we can eat mre of them.

Well, nut or seed it’s not going to stop me from enjoying them. And the cool thing about pistachios is that they can be used for so many things in the kitchen. They are amazing in deserts and sweets…pistachio ice cream anyone!

But they also work great in savory applications, pistachio crusted salmon or chicken. Super yummy and easy!

Pistachio Recipes

Yummy Pistachio Recipes

To get to the pistachio recipes just click on the image or the “read more” button.

Pistachio Recipes

I sure hope you enjoyed this selection of pistachio recipes and that you were able to find something to make. For more recipes check out my LifeStyle and Home Section.

And feel free to leave me a comment below and share what’s cooking in your kitchen!

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