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Blogging and Faith Blogging

Blogging Tips, Tools and Hacks

Blogging is like going on a vast adventure. Think epic like The Lord of the Rings.

You run into all kinds of digital creatures: WordPress, Hosting, SEO, Online Courses, Silos, List Building, Content Writing, Pinterest, Facebook, and like 1000 others. For real 1000 others….. That’s what makes blogging awesome and difficult. As I journey in this epic adventure I want to share with you what has worked and NOT worked. Because let’s be real the only way you are going to grow as a blogger is by trying and taking risks. 

Web Hosting

Christian Blogging {Faith Blogs}

If you have been on Think About Such Things long enough you will know that I am a Christian and that I write about faith related topics. I also write on lifestyle stuff… I’m this mythical creature called a Christian Lifestyle Blogger. There are lots of us out there. That makes me HAPPY. The more we are spreading the gospel for Jesus Christ through our blogs the more people are being touched. 

But being a faith blogger can be tough. I know this first hand and that’s why I want to share my heart and the things that work for me. My hope is to encourage you in your journey as a Christian blogger. You have so much to give and so many lives are hungry for God. Keep GOING! You got this!