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The Biblical Meaning of Shoes in Dreams

In this article, we will look into the Biblical meaning of shoes in dreams and the tools we need to interpret shoe dreams for Christians.

Do you ever wonder what shoes mean in dreams? Many people believe that shoes have a specific symbolism in dreams, depending on the type of shoe. In this blog post, we’ll explore the biblical meaning of shoes in dreams and see what God might be trying to communicate to us through our footwear!

You will be surprised how much the Bible has to say about our shoes and what we can learn as we dive in. Now, if you are new to learning about dreams then I would encourage you to also check out my Christian Dream Interpretation page. You will find some helpful articles that will help you grow in your faith and understanding how God uses dreams to speak to us.

Biblical Meaning of Shoes in Dreams

What is the Biblical Meaning of Shoes in Dreams

Dreams about shoes

When we explore the world of shoes in scripture we need to realize that historically most if not all shoes were sandals. And some translations will say shoes and others will say sandals. Sandals are specific type of shoe.

In the KJV we see that shoe(s) are mentioned a total of 30 times. The very first mention of shoes is in Exodus 3:5 when God spoke to Moses to take off his shoes/sandals for where he was standing was holy ground.

“Do not come any closer,” God said. “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.”

But because shoes are worn on our feet there are a lot of symbolic meaning we can glean from that as well when it pertains to shoes. For example feet can represent your walk with God and so can shoes. Because of this I thought it would be best to create a little chart for you in the next section.

Before we head there I do want to share what the Smith’s Bible Dictionary has to say on shoes. I think it gives us even more depth and understanding to the Biblical meaning of shoes. I personally found it very insightful!

Sandal, was the article ordinarily used by the Hebrews for protecting the feet. It consisted simply of a sole attached to the foot by thongs. We have express notice of the thong (Authorized Version “shoe latchet”) in several passages, notably (Genesis 14:23; Isaiah 5:27; Mark 1:7)

Sandals were worn by all classes of society in Palestine, even by the very poor; and both the sandal and the thong or shoe-latchet were so cheap and common that they passed into a proverb for the most insignificant thing. (Genesis 14:23) Ecclus. 46;13, They were dispensed with in-doors, and were only put on by persons about to undertake some business away from their homes.

During mealtimes the feet were uncovered. (Luke 7:38; John 13:5, 6) It was a mark of reverence to cast off the shoes in approaching a place or person of eminent sanctity. (Exodus 3:5; Joshua 5:15) It was also an indication of violent emotion, or of mourning, if a person appeared barefoot in public. (2 Samuel 15:30) To carry or to unloose a person’s sandal was a menial office, betokening great inferiority on the part of the person performing it. (Matthew 3:11) – SMITH’S BIBLE DICTIONARY

Looking at the Spiritual Meaning of Shoes

 I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire – Matthew 3:11 NKJV

In this chart you will see some overlap on the symbolic meaning of both shoes and feet. You can hover over the scripture and read the reference to get better clarity. Understanding the meaning is very helpful will trying to understand your dream.

Shoes or Sandals Deut. 33:25,Your walk with God
Shoes or Sandals Song of Sol. 7:1, 1 Kings 2:5Natural walk
Shoes or SandalsMatthew 3:11Humility
FeetRevelation 1:17Humility
FeetLuke 1:79, Hebrews 12:13Your walk with God
FeetRomans 10:15, Ephesians 6:15The Gospel of Peace or the Preaching of the Gospel
Feet Joshua 1:3, Revelation 10:2Possession
HeelGenesis 3:15, Psalm 41:9, John 13:18, Romans 16:20Victory and Power
The Symbolic and Spiritual Meaning of Shoes According to the Bible

Now, that we have covered some very common spiritual meanings for shoes in the Bible let’s now look at the steps we need to take to help us interpret our dream.

How to Interpret Dreams about Shoes

When it comes to interpreting dreams we want to remember two key things. One is not every dream is God speaking to us and second is that the interpretation to our dreams needs to come from the Lord. We see this clearly when Joseph asks pharaoh about his dreams.

Then Joseph said to them, “Do not interpretations belong to God? Tell me your dreams.”Genesis 40:8

Dreams can come in all shapes and sizes. They can be very personal to us and this means the same for its interpretation. Another person could have a similar dream as you, but the Lord could be saying something entirely different to them or something similar!

The best way to put it is that It’s not always cut and dry. And there is no real formula but there are things we can learn to make easier to understand a dream. Learning Biblical symbolism is one of those things.

A symbol can mean one thing this time and another thing another time. You can see this in the various ways that a shoes and feet have different symbolic and spiritual meanings.

Without understanding the symbolism in God’s word, we are left guessing at what He may be trying to tell us. The Bible helps ground us in His truth as we seek out the interpretation from the Holy Spirit.

These are some KEY steps to take when interpreting a dream about shoes.

  1. Grab some paper, a journal, or even your phone and write the dream out. Make sure to take note of anything prominent in the dream. Especially the shoes! If the shoes are a specific color, type, style and so on. Ask yourself a lot of questions about the shoes…how did they fit? Was I able to walk well in them? Did they go with the outfit? Don’t forget to mention the location you are at, people around you, what you are feeling…etc
  2. Grab your Bible and look into different symbols you see in the dream. Take note and if something is quickened in your spirit then write that down as well. Try to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in this step.
  3. Start to pray about the dream and ask the Lord to bring clarity about what the shoes symbolizes. Be specific with the Lord. If you sense anything from the Him, write it down. And be open to Him telling you that this dream isn’t from Him. Remember not all dreams come from the Lord!
  4. The next step is to share the dream with a mature brother or sister in Christ. If you have never done this before as the Lord to highlight who you should share the dream with. Let them know what you are sensing and ask for their insight about the dream. I would then encourage you to ask for prayer. Please don’t shy away from this step, especially if the dream really bothers you or if you are experience the dream multiple times.
  5. Pray over everything from step 1-4 and what you feel about the dream. You can write down the interpretation if you have one. I would then take action if you feel the Lord is leading to you. 

There are times as you are between steps 2 to 3 that the Holy Spirit will speak to you and you know what the dream means. Sometimes you want understand the dream fully until time passes. I had one dream the took years before I fully understood the dream I had.

Shoe Dreams: The Prophetic or Spiritual Meaning of Shoes

prophetic and spiritual meaning of Shoes in dreams

There are 100s of types of shoes and styles. Some shoes have specific purpose like running shoes, while others more for a fashion statement like high heels or a wedge shoe. We must keep this in mind as we pray over our dream. The type of shoes adds a lot to the spiritual meaning. Here is an example…

  • Dream: I was running late to work and ran into the closet to find a pair of shoes and all I could find were snow boots. I put them on and run out the door to realize there was a snow storm outside. I make it to work on time and that is the end of the dream.
  • Dream: I was running late to work and ran into the closet to find a pair of shoes and all I could find were high heels. I put them on and run out the door to realize there was a snow storm outside. I make it to work on time and that is the end of the dream.

These two dreams are identical except for the type of shoes. The snowshoes work perfect for the snow storm. This means that you will be equipped in your walk to take on this season you will be entering into. You will make it out of that season on time. While the high heels one conveys you will be entering a season and you will not be well equipped or ready for it, but you will be able to persevere and make it on time.

I hope that example is helpful! We will now look at some common types of shoes or situations with shoes and what they could mean. Remember it’s never cut and dry….The context of the dream is vital. Pray to the Lord for clarity and revelation.

Biblical Meaning of New Shoes in a Dream

New shoes could symbolize a new season in your walk with the Lord or in life. Greater revelation of the gospel! It could also represent new opportunities in ministry or a new victory you will be experiencing.

Biblical Meaning of Shoes being to Big in a Dream

Shoes that are too big could represent that you are not ready for the season ahead and that you will need to grow into it. It could also represent that something is not a good fit in your life.

Biblical Meaning of Putting On Shoes

Preparing for something in your spiritual or natural walk.

Biblical Meaning of Shoes Not Fitting in a Dream

On the flip side when shoes are too small it could mean that you have outgrown something in your life or are trying to fit something into our walk which is not meant for us.

Biblical Meaning of Giving Shoes Away

Depending the context of the dream this could mean equipping others, or helping others win victory in their lives.

Biblical Meaning of Slippers in a Dream

Slippers are used around the house and are meant to bring comfort and relaxation. This could mean God wanting to bring rest, comfort, or, peace in your walk. But it could also mean you are ill equipped or being lethargic. This all depends on what you are doing in the dream with the slippers. For example running a race in slippers isn’t the best option.

Biblical Meaning of High Heels in a Dream

High heels or stilettos could represent that you will be going up or be lifted up (high heel) in your walk. On the flip side could be a pride issue of being higher than others. This depends on the context of the dream.

High heels are also known for not being comfortable and something people use for seductions.

Biblical Meaning of Sandals in Dreams

Biblical Meaning of Red Shoes in a Dream

Colors have symbolic meaning and I cover that in Colors in Dreams, but red can mean multiple things. For example red shoes could symbolise your walk with God being covered by the blood of Jesus or your covenant with the Lord. If you seen shoes in your dreams that a specific color then I really encourage you to also look at the meaning behind the color as well.

Biblical Meaning of Losing Shoes in Dreams

Losing shoes or not having shoes in a dream can mean needing or missing something in your spiritual walk with God. It’s also could mean a lack protection or authority. Again context is important!

Biblical Meaning of Taking Off Your Shoes in a Dream

Taking your shoes off in a dream can represent humility or to honor and taking someone’s shoes off can represent ministry or serving someone.

Biblical Meaning of Black Shoes in a Dream

Just like we covered on the topic of red shoes, colors having meanings. And black doesn’t automatically mean something bad. Remember God created all the colors, but black can convey something dark, or hidden, or even a mystery. It can also represent evil, or the night.

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I hope you found this article helpful on the biblical meaning of shoes in dreams. I do want to make clear that I don’t have time and energy to interpret dreams from everyone that requests it online. I get bombarded with emails and comments asking for interpretations. My heart in writing these articles is to help equip you in understanding how God speaks in dreams so you can get the interpretation from Him. And my prayer is that I am successful with that.

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