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The Biblical Meaning of Bees In Dreams (Plus Wasps and Hornets)

In this article, we will explore the spiritual and Biblical meaning of bees in dreams, but we won’t stop there! We will also look at wasp dreams and hornet dreams. So, if you are having bee dreams, you have come to the right place…

I’m going to be real for a moment. I have a slight amount of spheksophobia (fear of wasps and bees). I am more with wasps than bees since I know bees tend not to be aggressive like wasps. I try to avoid these little winged terrors to the best of my ability.

And I do pretty well in the natural, BUT I don’t have much control over them appearing in my dreams. I have had bee and wasp dreams since I was a teenager. They always perplexed me and left me terrified. When I became a Christian, they really started to make me wonder, as I know God speaks to us in dreams.

I have learned quite a bit, and I’ll share more about my personal journey below. But I hope this article helps you understand Biblically (spiritually and prophetically) what bees, wasps, and hornets can symbolize.

Biblical Meaning of Bees In Dreams

Because we are covering a few different insects, I have a little table of content here to help guide you through the post. But I would encourage you to read through all of this since they are quite similar, and it will give you a better overview.

Dream Interpretation Belongs to God

There are a lot of voices out there that will give you their understanding or interpretation of what bees or wasps mean. Some of them are rooted in new age, astrology, psychology, and other spiritual methods. But it’s clear in God’s Word that the one source for understanding dreams is from God. We see this in Genesis 40:8 …

“We both had dreams,” they answered, “but there is no one to interpret them.” Then Joseph said to them, “Do not interpretations belong to God? Tell me your dreams.”

When it comes to interpreting our dreams, it’s important to have an understanding of Biblical symbolism, bring the dream in prayer, and ask yourself questions. These three things will help bring you clarity and an interpretation of what the dream means.

Now, please remember not all dreams are from God. Some come from the enemy, and some come from our body (think of a pizza dream or how some medications make you dream.) Another thing to keep in mind is that dreams are highly symbolic. A lot of times, we think they are literal, but God many times speaks in symbols, patterns, parables, and types, especially when it comes to dreams.

Biblical Meaning of Bees In Dreams

Some topics in the Bible are filled with verses and give us a rich deep spiritual insight, but some topics only share a few or even no references at all. Now, Bees in the Bible fall into just a few references. They are only mentioned four times.

What Do Bees Symbolize? Understanding the Spiritual Meaning Behind Dreams of Bees

The Amorites who lived in those hills came out against you; they chased you like a swarm of bees and beat you down from Seir all the way to Hormah. – Deuteronomy 1:44 NIV

Deuteronomy 1:44 is the first mention of bees in scripture. And as you can see, they are pictured or an allegory for an army attack. We actually see this same usage in three out of the four verses that mention bees. The fourth verse talks about the bee hive that is in the dead carcass of a lion, from which Samson eats honey from.

Here are all the scripture references for you to look up. You can hover over the reference and read the AMP version of that verse.

  • Deuteronomy 1:44
  • Psalm 118:12
  • Isaiah 7:18
  • Judges 14:8

So, we get this picture that bees can spiritually and prophetically mean an attack from the enemy. Here are several words that can symbolism what bees mean in the Bible:

  • Attack
  • War
  • Fight
  • Fear

Bees can represent a spiritual attack or even an attack from a person/people. Just remember that we don’t fight against flesh and blood but against powers, rulers of darkness… (Ephesians 6:12) Even if the vessel is people, it’s still evil spirits in play.

Now, when it comes to dreams, they can tricky because each dream is different, and it depends on what is happening in the dream. For example, in a dream, you could see a swarm of bees coming. You fear they will bite you, but they fly right past you, almost like they didn’t see you. This could indicate that an attack from the enemy is heading your way, but God is going to blind the enemy and protect you from this attack.

What Do Bees Do In Nature?

God created these little creatures. So, when it comes to dreams, it’s also good to look at also what bees do in nature. This can give us insight into what they could mean in our dream spiritually. Just like the fat and skinny cows in Joseph’s dreams. They represented a famine and that there would be little grain during those years. Cows in nature eat grain. See the connect? Here are some things we can consider, but remember to always pray about these things.

  • Bees make a lot of noise by buzzing around. This could represent talking. The word buzzworthy comes to mind. As it means getting the attention of people by word of mouth or the media.
  • Bees are highly protective of their hives. In a dream, if we are drawing near to a hive, it could represent we are getting too close to something that could hurt us.
  • Bees sting and bite! Ouch! Bees will attack and defend what they value. But bees die after stinging. So, a dream being attacked by bees versus wasps could represent a short-lived attack.
  • Bees are FAST! They can fly up to 20 mph, meaning whatever the bees represent in your dream is that it’s fast-moving.

What About Honey?

In the natural, bees produce honey, meaning they can be an agent that brings sweetness. Now, If the bees in your dream also involve honey, then it can take on a whole different meaning for you as you will also need to take into account what honey symbolizes.

Honey is mentioned 61 times in the KJV. This is a huge difference compared to bees. For time’s sake and since this article is about bees I will give you a few things that honey can symbolize.

  • God’s Promises (A land flowing with milk and honey)
  • Nourishment (Deuteronomy 32:13)
  • The Word of God (Psalm 119:103)

More on honey here: Honey In The Bible: Symbolism, References, & Meaning

Common Bee Dreams

bee dreams spiritual meaning

Now that we have gone over a good foundation of the Biblical meaning of bees in dreams, let’s look at some common bee dreams people have. Now, remember, one size fits all does NOT apply to dreams. Every dreamer is different, and every dream is different. A beekeeper having a dream about bees might see these creatures very differently than someone who has an allergy to bee stings and has to carry an epi-pen around.

Dreaming Of Bees Chasing You

If bees are chasing you in a dream, this could represent that you are going to be under some type of attack. This kind of dream can also create fear in the dreamer since you are being chased and running away. A good question to ask is if you feel like you are running away from something in your life.

Dreams About Bees Attacking You

Being attacked by bees in a dream usually means that bees are a bee is swarming around you, trying to bite and sting you. This could represent an attack or battle you are facing. Remember, this could represent something spiritual or in the physical realm. Like dealing with negative thoughts.

Dreaming Of Bees Stinging You

If a bee is stinging you in a dream, this could mean an attack that is going to affect you or cause some pain. The same goes for a bee biting you. It’s important to note where you were stung or bitten. Was it a specific location? For example, a bee sting on your hand could represent an attack at work or a bee sting on your foot could represent an attack on your walk with God or walk in life.

Dreaming of Bees Flying Around You

If you have a dream of bees flying around you or swarming around you, it can mean a couple of different things depending on if the bees are hostile or gentle and how you felt in the dream. The key is to understand that you are being surrounded by something.

Biblical Meaning of Wasps In Dreams

Biblical meaning of wasps in dreams

Wasps. Ugh, I am NOT a fan. Growing up in Northern California, we always had paper wasps around, and those guys are MEAN. A few summers ago, my mom and we were attacked by yellowjackets. Surprisingly I was able not to get stung, but my poor mom was stung multiple times on the back of the neck. When I go to heaven, I’m going to ask God why he made them because I feel like the outdoors would be such a sweeter place without them.

The Bible actually never mentions the word wasp. What it does mention is hornets which are a type of wasp. We will save that one for the next section on hornets.

What Do Wasps Symbolize? Understanding the Spiritual Meaning Behind Dreams of Bees

So, what do you do when you dream about paper wasps, yellowjackets, cicada killers, black wasps, or any other creepy flying little guy? Well, this is when you pull from the bee symbolism and hornet (more on hornets in the next section), which are a type of wasp. Bees and wasps are closely related, being both from the order of hymenoptera.

Wasps are much more aggressive and can attack for numerous reasons such as being close to their nest, feeling challenged, or being threatened. Unlike bees, wasps can sting and bite multiple times without dying. Their sting is more painful and usually goes in deeper. Wasps don’t make honey, wax, or royal jelly.

If you are dreaming about wasps, this can mean a spiritual attack that is more intense, aggressive, and targeted.

Common Wasp Dreams

Just like I did with bee dreams, these are some common wasp dreams that people have. Remember, these are meant to be an aid in helping you understand these kinds of dreams. When it comes to interpreting your own personal dream, please spend some time in prayer and ask God for revelation and insight.

wasp dreams spiritual meaning

Dream Of Being Stung By A Wasp

If a wasp is stinging you in a dream, this could be a spiritual or physical attack coming against you. Pay attention to the location of the sting, as that could give you insight into what area of your life is being attacked. For example, if you are stung on your back, it could mean that you won’t see it coming or that someone is going to go behind your back.

Dreaming Of Being Chased By A Wasp

Usually being chased in a dream incites fear in the dreamer. This could mean the enemy is trying to bring fear and an attack that is causing you to run away from something.

Dream of Wasp Stinging Someone

If you dream that someone else is being stung by a wasp, it could be a warning dream that this person is under a spiritual attack or going to be attacked. This is a dream I would encourage you to stop and pray for that person. Don’t be quick to tell the person unless you have a good relationship with them and feel led by the Lord to do so. Once you shared it offer to pray over them. Remember to always go humbly and only share in love. Try not to incite fear.

Dream Of A Wasp Nest

Dreaming of a wasp nest really depends on different things. Were you in danger? Being attacked? were you observing? The answer to these questions plays a big role in what the dream could mean. Dreams are never a cookie-cutter formula. Each dream is unique. If in the dream you see a wasps nest and are able to observe it and avoid danger. It could represent that God is giving you discernment and wisdom to see the enemy’s plans and how you can avoid an attack.

Biblical Meaning of Hornets in Dreams

biblical meaning of hornets in dreams

As you learned above, the word wasp isn’t found in scripture, but hornets are! These pesky little guys are a type of wasp that builds paper-like nests out of wood pulp. Their nests are quite different than paper wasp nests which tend to be open and exposed.

What Do Hornets Symbolize? Understanding the Spiritual Meaning Behind Dreams of Bees

Hornets are found in 3 Bible verses, and each occurrence references how God will send a hornet against His enemy. Here is the first reference mentioning hornets in Exodus 23:28 (AMP).

I will send hornets ahead of you which shall drive out the Hivite, the Canaanite, and the Hittite before you.

Some translations say a singular hornet, while others are plural. We are not sure what this hornet is. It could mean that the Lord was literally sending hornets into the land, or perhaps this a symbolic of an angel or spirit being sent or some catastrophe happening to the land. I found what Easton Bible Dictionary says interesting…

Hornet: Heb. tsirʿah, “stinging”, (Ex. 23:28; Deut. 7:20; Josh. 24:12). The word is used in these passages as referring to some means by which the Canaanites were to be driven out from before the Israelites. Some have supposed that the word is used in a metaphorical sense as the symbol of some panic which would seize the people as a “terror of God” (Gen. 35:5), the consternation with which God would inspire the Canaanites.

In Palestine there are four species of hornets, differing from our hornets, being larger in size, and they are very abundant. They “attack human beings in a very furious manner.” “The furious attack of a swarm of hornets drives cattle and horses to madness, and has even caused the death of the animals.”

Like bees, hornets can also mean an attack, one that is quite vicious. But here, we also see that God can use these creatures either literally or allegorically.

Depending on the dream, it is either the enemy attacking you or God sending a hornet to remove the enemy from you. If the hornet is protecting you, then it’s a good chance that it’s symbolic of God’s protection. But always pray about the dream.

Common Hornet Dreams

Alright, let’s get down to business and look at some common hornet dreams and what they could mean. Remember, like my other examples above….each dreamer and dream are unique. You can’t just cut and paste an interpretation on all dreams. Always bring your dreams before God.

hornet dreams spiritual meaning

Dream of Hornets In The House

Having a dream about hornets in your house could mean that there is an attack close to home. It could be one that affects your family, or depending on the room the hornets are in, they could represent deeper meaning in your own personal life. For example, if the hornets are in your bedroom, this could deal with issues with rest or intimacy.

Dream About A Giant Hornet

If the dream is about a giant hornet that this could represent something big that is trying to create fear and issues in your life. Again it depends on what the giant hornet is doing and what you feel. Is it attacking you? Are you fearful? What did the giant hornet do? These questions help you better understand the dream.

Dream About A Black Hornet

Colors in dreams are a big deal! If the bee, wasp, or hornet are a distinct color, pay attention! A black hornet can represent a dark attack from the enemy that you might not see.

How to Interpret Dreams about Bees, Wasps, and Hornets

As someone embarks upon interpreting their own personal dreams, it’s important to keep in mind that the symbolisms & meanings behind them can differ from situation-to-situation or should I say, dream-to-dream. However, by grounding ourselves with Biblical symbolism and understanding the animal’s natural tendency – we gain a better understanding of what the Lord is trying to speak through the dream. When faced with dreaming about bees (wasps or hornets) there are some key questions and steps we can take to help us bring God’s revelation.

  1. Write the dream out and make a note of anything prominent in the dream. Especially the bee or wasp.
  2. Ask yourself some key questions and write down the answers. Here are some examples:
    – Where were the bees/wasps located? House? Outside? Church? School? Work?
    – How did I feel emotionally about the bees/wasp? Fearful, peaceful, shocked, annoyed, angry?
    – Were the bees/wasp a specific color?
    – Were you being attacked? Did it sting you? Where did it sting you?
    – Was it one bee/wasp or a whole swarm?
    – Who else was involved in the dream?
  3. Grab your Bible and look into certain symbols you see in the dream beyond just bees and/or wasps. Make a note and if something is quickened in your spirit, then write that down.
  4. Start praying about the dream and ask God to bring clarity and revelation about what the bee symbolizes in that dream. Get specific with Him! If you sense anything from the Lord, write it down either on paper or on your phone. Be OK with Him telling you that this dream wasn’t from Him.
  5. At this point, you can share the dream with a mature brother or sister in Christ. Let them know what you are sensing and ask for their advice. I would encourage you to ask for prayer as well. Don’t shy away from this step, especially if the dream really bothers you or if you have repetitious dreams.
  6. Pray over everything from steps 1-5 and your feelings about the dream. Now take action if you feel the Lord is leading you. This could mean you need to stop watching something, be wise where you spend your time, ask for discernment, repent, or spend more time with Jesus!

It’s Important To Praying Over Your Bee and Wasp Dreams

Many times bee and wasp dreams are warning dreams that we are to take in prayer. We should be praying for the interpretation and praying for protection, wisdom, and discernment. You may know right away what the bees are attacking and be able to pray accordingly. Sometimes it might take a while to have the revelation as it took me years.

I encourage you to have a journal or a notebook near by you as you pray as God may speak to you through a vision, Bible verses, and a still small voice within.

My Personal Story About My Wasp and Bee Dreams

bee dream

At the very start of this article, I mentioned how I have dealt with my fair share of dreams about bees and wasps. I would have such vivid dreams that I would feel the pain of bite and sting in the dream. Sometimes they would be bees, and sometimes there were wasps. One distinct dream I remember was one of me sitting under this tree, and it was such a beautiful day. Then out of the blue, a wasp nest falls into my lap, and they begin attacking me.

After one dream, I woke up, and in my bedroom, I could hear buzzing in the room. I know this was an evil spirit. I prayed, and it left. So, for about ten years, I had these dreams on and off. I would pray and seek understanding, but I never fully understood them and why I had them so frequently.

This is quite a long story, but I will keep it brief. One day, while I was on a mission trip to Mexico. My team and I were in worship. My mind and prayers were focused on the trip and what the Lord wanted to do there. I looked up towards the windows in the tall building, and one piece of glass was a golden yellow color, while all the others were transparent. I noticed a little bee flying around the colored glass.

And out of nowhere, the Lord spoke to me! He told me the reason I had these dreams was that the enemy was creating fear in my life about my identity. See, my name Melissa means bee! He continued to tell me that He has called me to be His honey bee to bring His goodness and sweetness to the world. I, of course, cried, and it was a huge revelation to me. I dug into the Bible to learn more about bees and honey, and from then on, a wasp or bee dream became a rarity. I maybe get one every 2-3 years, and I used to get them several times a year.

Now, this is my personal story and what these bees mean prophetically to me. But I thought it might be helpful to share with others.

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