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12 Powerful Books on the Holy Spirit

Enjoy this collection of books on the Holy Spirit. The will build up your faith teach you about the Holy Ghost.

Books on the Holy Spirit

When we look at the trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). We tend to know a lot about God, and Jesus. But to many Christian’s the Holy Spirit remains a mystery. 

The number 1 way we can learn more about the Holy Spirit is by reading the Bible. Doing a study on the Holy Spirit can help your understanding. Another way is by reading books on the topic. I find doing both a Bible study (check out my Bible Study planner)and reading helps us deepen our growth on a topic. 

So, today I want to share some amazing books on the Holy Spirit. I hope they bless you in your journey to knowing Him more.

12 Best Books on the Holy Spirit 

Just a side note before we start…these are all Christian books on the Holy Spirit. In my statement of faith I make it clear that I believe the Holy Spirit is active and working in the church today. I believe the gifts of the Holy Spirit are still in function and should be used with wisdom, love, and accountability. 

Each book below shares a snippet of what the book is about and any comments I have personally about the book or author.

I hope one of these books sparks your interest! And I pray that as you grow in understanding of the Holy Spirit, your love and devotion to Him will also deepen.

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Mesfin Dadi

Wednesday 1st of March 2023

It's so good way to undestan holy Spirit and am so glad for having chance thank you Jesus. God bless all of you