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Friday Prayer: Powerful Prayers to Declare and Share [With Images]

In this post we will dive into Friday prayer. There are many ways we can go about this, but we will focus on two main areas. One on praying Friday prayers and the other on sharing these prayers with friends or family So, let’s start praying…

It’s Friday! That means the week is coming to a close and weekend near. This is a great time to go to Friday night service at church. But if you can’t make it to church you can still enjoy God’s presence at home in prayer!

Prayer is powerful and something we should do daily. God desires to hear from His children. Therefore, we will be looking at prayers that we can pray on Fridays.

Friday prayer

Like I mention in my other daily prayer posts I think it’s important to cover some basic tips when comes to pre-written prayers. So, let’s start there before moving ono.

Basic Prayer Tips

When comes to prayer it’s important that we go before the Lord open and real. This can be kind of tricky when comes to pre-written prayers.

This is why I came up with 7 different prayer tips that really help you to go beyond written pray and to have a wonderful time in God’s presence.

Prayer is about relationship and it always will be.

  • Read The Prayer- It’s easy when reading a devotional or something similar to just pray the prayer. But I find it good to read the prayer first before praying it. This will help you to understand what is focus and how you can make it personal. Which goes into my next step.
  • Personalize It Up – Take the prayer and change things to it that make it personal to you. You can add family members, situations, friends…etc
  • Let It Inspire You – I like taking written prayers and using them like a diving board to jump you into your own authentic and real prayer to God.
  • Bring Your Emotions To The Party – You want your prayers to come from your heart. The Lord wants to hear from you. Not from a book of prayers or a website of prayers. Look at King David prayers or Hannah’s prayer. These prayers were full of emotion and feeling. I encourage you not to be emotionally unattached during prayer. It’s super easy to do when reading written prayers.
  • Tools – Written prayers are a useful tools that can teach, inspire, and stir up your faith. They should never be used to replace your prayer life.
  • If there is a lack of connection with the pray then don’t feel the need to pray it. We are all in different seasons and places in life. Sometimes a prayer will resonate with you and sometimes it don’t
  • It’s important to be led by the Holy Spirit during prayer. I encourage you before praying to ask the Holy Spirit to guide your prayer time and reveal things you should be praying. God will bring people or situations on your heart and mind to pray for.

Ways to Share a Friday Prayer

If you would like to share one of these Friday prayers or images with a friend or family member you are more than welcome too. I have also came up some fun ways you can share them.

  • Send a text or email message using one of the prayers or prayer images. Takes few seconds and can really bless their Friday.
  • Place one of the prayers in/on a gift. An example would be to write it on the package or a book flap.
  • Use one of the prayers and write it in a letter or card.
  • Write the prayer on note or sticky note and place where someone you know will find it. An idea could be to place a note in your child’s lunch or on/inside a car.
  • Share one of the prayers or prayer images on your favorite social media platforms.
  • Get a bouquet of flowers and tie a little note tag on it with a prayer. You could even do this with a box of chocolates or treat!

Friday Prayers

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.2 Chronicles 7:14

Now, we will look at some prayers for Friday that can be prayed anytime throughout the day. Below the prayers you will find some more specific like geared towards the morning, night, etc…

And please, feel free to use the prayer images for personal use (like sharing with friends or family). If you wish to use one of the images or prayers for a site then please contact me for permission first.

We know also that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding, so that we may know him who is true. And we are in him who is true by being in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life. – 1 John 5:20
Lord God, I turn my face to You this Friday and I ask that You would give me strength through Your Son and my Lord, Jesus Christ. Bless me with understanding and help me to be more like You. In the mighty, name of Jesus, amen.

prayers for Friday

Father God, Thank You for Your amazing power and work in my life. Thank You for Your sacrifice on the cross so that we might have true freedom and eternal life. Help me to set my eyes and hearts on you this Friday. Revive my spirit, fill me with your Holy Spirit. I love you, Lord and want more and more of You in my life. So, please help to draw closer to You. In the precious name of Jesus, amen.

Lord, Jesus, I want Your will to be done this Friday. So, whatever happens or comes my way, help me to hold on to You and give me the wisdom and discernment to make wise choices. In Jesus name, amen. 

Friday Morning Prayers

O’ Lord, thank you for this beautiful Friday morning. Today is a new day and I ask for your hand to guide me. Give me the wisdom needed today to make decisions that are part of Your will for my life. Bless those I interact with at work and home. In Jesus name, amen.

I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people – Ephesians 1:18

Holy Spirit, I ask on this Friday morning that you would open the eyes of my heart that I may fully know what You have called me too. That I may understand the riches of my inheritance through Christ Jesus. Help me to walk in these truths and to be a light to those around me. Let the words of my mouth draw others towards You and plant seeds of salvation to those who don’t know You. Bless this Friday abundantly Lord. In the name of Jesus, amen!

Friday morning prayer

Lord God, I am not sure what all will happen this Friday. Who I will see or what may cross my path. So, I ask for Your protection and ask You to remind me when I am fearful that You are my help in present danger. That You O’Lord are my Rock and Fortress. I can trust You with anything that comes my way. Thank you that I don’t have to fear or worry about anything for You have everything in Your hands. Thank you, Lord. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Teach me how to stand strong in You and choose only Your way today. Help me walk by Your truth and not my feelings. Help me to embrace anything that comes my way as an opportunity to see You at work and as an opportunity to point others to You. Thank You that You love me and nothing can ever take that away from me!

Friday Night Prayers

Lord, as I go to sleep this Friday night. I ask that you help me to find my rest and peace in You. Help me to fall asleep and not to worry about the cares of the world but to take up Your yoke which is easy and Your burden that is light. I give you all my stress Lord. I place it in Your hands knowing you will take care of it for me. Thank You, for being faithful and kind to me Lord. I love You. In Jesus name, amen.

Friday night prayer

Jesus, I ask that you would bless this Friday evening. I pray Lord that my home would be at peace. I ask that You would set Your angels on guard over my house and each room. That no plan or scheme of the enemy over my night will affect me or my family. I ask for sweet sleep for everyone. And that the only dreams we would have would be dreams that come from You O’Lord. Thank you for goodness. In the might name of Jesus, amen!

Friday Prayer for Family

Holy Spirit, I pray this friday that you would move mightily in my family’s life. Give us a desire to pursue You as individuals and as a family. Let each one of us grow and mature in our faith. And Lord bring unity to areas where we are disconnected. Help us to love each other the way you love. Give us kindness and patience with one another. So, that we could be an example of Your goodness to those who know us. Thank you, Lord for my family! In the name of Jesus, amen.

Lord, I pray you would move the Spirit more boldly in my life. I know that any sin can grieve and diminish the voice of the Spirit, and I pray against the temptation to sin. Help me crave your presence more than I crave sin. Help me grow in the fruit of the Spirit and so walk closer with Yourself. I pray for guidance from your Spirit- let your will and promises always be a meditation of my heart. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

Friday Prayer for Friends

Heavenly Father, I lift up (friend’s name) this Friday and I ask that you would be with them. Help them in their time of need and let them draw closer to You. Give them the strength they need to push through and to trust You. I ask that You would give them wisdom to make wise decisions and to follow the leading of Your Holy Spirit. Thank you, for this friend. In Jesus name, amen.

Friday Prayer for the Weekend

Lord Jesus, as Friday comes to an end I wanted to pray for the weekend. I ask that during the next two days You would watch over me, and protect me. If I go out bless the people I run into and if I stay home let it be a time of rest for my soul. Let Your presence be with me and give me wisdom in everything I do.

And Lord I specifically lift up Sunday service at church. I pray that this service would feed me spiritually, but also it would bless all those who attend. I ask that people who don’t know You would come to service and be radically saved. In the mighty name of Jesus, amen!

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Fridays are an end to the week but the start some free time. It’s a great day to spend time with Jesus and pray. And I hope these prayers have inspired just that!

Feel free to leave me a comment below. I would be blessed to hear all that God is doing in your life.

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